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 The Metaphysical Essence of       the Christogrammic Art  

  The Christogrammic Art has come to manifest as an extension of the Gnostic Cognition - the cognition of the inner Soul of Man.

The alphabetical-linguistic word Man (with capital letter M) is not showing the physical gender; it designates the ancient metaphysical word Man, which means Man-Soul and Woman-Soul united in One Image of the Eternal Creation. Many transliterated words of the present website have a pure-metaphysical meaning, and not the common linguistic meaning of the conscious-thinking mind of our secular society . Over two thousand years ago, our world began to lose the metaphysical Gnostic Cognition, which was the cognition of the Spirit and Soul of each born Human Individual of the terrestrial world. Today - as Space-Time-Destiny - the lost Gnostic Cognition will ignite as a pre-Destined Flame into the Incarnated Soul of our entirely unknown World of Man of Tara-Tera-Earth, one of the Cosmic Mother-Stars  of the Southern Galactic Universe (the Mother-Star that is falsely named a planet). 

You are advised to read slowly and with deeper concentration of the mind, mental concentration that through time will transcend your thoughts from the simple, every-day understanding to the deeper comprehension that will attain the sphere of Gnostic Perception- acknowledgement. This website does not contain any mental drop of religion of any kind. Everything is transcended science of the Inner Self Being of Man, mostly the metaphysical science of the Soul. 

You might ask yourself: what ART has to do with SCIENCE? 

To any sapient race of the Universe, despite our materialistic rational thought, there has been ART with its manifestation that appeared the first at the dawn of each civilization. ART is the manifestation of the Soul of Man, and also of the Will of Life of any Entity in Universe. 

ART is the beginning, or first Stone of evolving Culture. Therefore, in its Inner Substance, and also, in its visual manifestation, the ART of all pre-ancient and ancient civilizations was metaphysical. In another words, ART was CHRISTOGRAMMIC, comprised of symbols of metaphysical knowledges that were erroneously interpreted as DECORATIONS and mystical symbols by our historians, sociologists,  and anthropologists.


In the pre-antient ages of the Patriarchs, and also in  the ancient times, the Gnostic Cognition and the mental Sacred Eye (Remote Viewing) and Telepathy were fully active, though the Christogramms of the ART were comprehended by any human being. Today, only a minority of individuals would understand them from the first sight. 

As a historical matrix, we are a multi-national descent of the First and Second Atlantis, we are more or less the melting Biological Pot of the  post-Atlantean Ages. We are the descent of the giant Patriarchs that were having a life span of 1,000 years . 

Hence, the time has come to return to the Gnostic Cognition and Telepathic Language-Communication (the higher powers of the Mind of Man) by the use of Christogrammic Art. 

We have to be remained that in the pre-ancient Grecian language (not the Greek language), the word Hristos (English Christ) had the meaning-transliteration of The Soul of the Living Universe. 

These written fragments transcended into the Mind of my Soul to be further transliterated into the English language. They contain the core of the Metaphysical Christogrammic Art, a destined artistic manifestation that has become part of my present karmic life. These telepathic knowledges descended from the Etheric Cosmic Pendulum, after I embodied with my hands of Flesh, Soul, Spirit, and Consciousness the two bronze sculptures, entitled The Cosmic Pendulum I and II. Later I comprehended that our Universe - with anything else – is dual. 

Underlying the entire frame of Space-Time-Life, there is an invisible and mystical substance, ever-flowing and permeating-pervading the entire begotten and non-begotten Universe-Creation. Giving sustenance to all forms of existence, that invisible substance has taken the all-encompassing name of Universal Consciousness. There will never be an evolution of the Being of Man without the perpetual growth of the Soul and Consciousness. All over the ages from before and after the Fall of Atlantis until the Middle Ages, true Art was Metaphysical and Alchemical in its nature, and therefore, Art was one of the sacred and invisible forces to evolve our sentient Being - a perennial Being having the Arcane-Hermetic name of Man, a coded epitome for the magical Mystery begotten from the very Source of Eternal Creation in the Image of One Begetter-Father of All, the Mystery-Image of Creation.

Throughout the written and unwritten history of the earthly Races of Man, ART and its various idiomatic manifestations and inner semantics of perceptual powers have fashioned the seen and unseen engine of mental, psychological, and social evolution. Despite the common materialistic concept, art is not a simple physical space-time structure or object – representation belonging only to the physical reality-world. Art is a creational mystery that was initiated within the Consciousness and Soul of the artist, to further descend-transcend the invisible space-time and reach the laboring mind and hands of each artist that would create the artwork. Art is not the Conceptual Attribute of the Mind of the Brain that gives us the intent to create new FORMS and STRUCTURES in our physical reality. It is our minds that are prone to create numberless thoughts and concepts in the involuntary struggle to conjoin Metaphysical and Physical and end up to the miscomprehension of Art as the hermeneutic phenomenon belonging to the physical reality. 

The last layer of the Mystery-Art does occur in the World of the Physical Phenomena, while the true origin of Art is metaphysical in nature. The artist may represent the physical reality-creating the addiction of the mind to the Physical Sphere of Life, but in that artistic artwork can be found the symbolics and vision showing the inner metaphysical reality, the second identity-nature of the artwork. As an artist, I bring the Metaphysical into the Physical, the Invisible of the Soul and Consciousness into the Visible World, and so, the eye could easily perceive, though the conscious mind would comprehend it better. My artworks do not envision the physical space-reality but the metaphysical space-world, nature, and identity of the human Soul, Spirit and Consciousness. All my artistic works contain the vibrations of the Voice of my heart transcending from this finite and mortal world toward the Infinite and Immortal World of the Inner Soul-Spirit and Consciousness, toward the Cosmic and Universal Consciousness of One Begetter-Father of All-Creation. 

A civilization without genuine art and artists, writers and poets, classical music composers and philosophers, sages and seers is nothing but a pitiful civilization without spiritual frame and no transcendental input of Cosmic Evolution from the perpetual emanation of the Universal Consciousness of Creation. The so-called Scientific Technology - and so many peoples believe in that power-blade with two cuts - can bring you slowly to the edge of imminent extinction, as it happened with so many sentient Races of Man in our so-little known Universe-containing infinite Cosmic Spaces and Cycles of ever-evolving and devolving Forms of sentient Beings (among which is included the Being of Man). 

To understand the epitome of my artistic manifestation, you have to aknowledge that a CHRISTOGRAM is the smallest metaphysical symbol or letter that is perceived by the visual and gnostic perception, a small symbol that contains besides its representational function the perpetual inner emanation of etheric vibration (telepathic waves-frequencies). What we perceive in our dreams is telepathic (etheric) input of waves received in our Brain-Mind from distant locations (as space) and locations of time (events that are transmitted to us from the future of time and comprehended as prophecies, which belong to the integrating network of the Gnostic Cognition). The entire Universe is a HOLOGRAM OF CHRISTOGRAMMIC EMANATION, and this eternal emanation begets the Universal Consciousness of the Logos of Creation.

In its deepest Nature of Existence, everything in the Eternal Universe is the manifestation of Great-Universal Consciousness and Christogrammic Emanation): Space, Time, Light, Matter, Being,  Thought, Light, Mind, and Life. 

The ones eager to be released from the chains of perpetual suffering (which is always psychological suffering at its basic level) have to deeply think that telepathy is nothing else but the mysterious transmission of mental waves having visual images with sounding information. Finally, you will begin to acknowledge that what is called SOUND is nothing else but the vibration of multiple frequencies that can be mentally and verbally produced.

The voice of the mind and the voice of the tongue - both function on different frames of waves-generating thoughts with informational content, Christogrammic Semiotics, and Alphabetical and Logogramic Language. With the physical eyes, we see the physical reality, which is the superficial shell of a much deeper and great invisible (metaphysical) reality. With the Astral-Etheric Eye that can be activated with proper training and volition, we enable ourselves to perceive the deeper, the within Metaphysical Space-Time Reality, the Infinite Hologram of Christogrammic Emanation of the Logos of  Unknown Universe.

From Beings of Verbal Language, we can become Beings of Telepathic Language and Communication (the Language of Spiritual Evolution, the language of the pre-ancient before-Flood Patriarchs, and also the language of the Immortals of the First Atlantis). The telepathic language is the magic way to communicate with the Beings of Light and higher Hierarchies of the Eternal Universe. The Beings of Light have descended-transcended from their realms, guiding and helping me to initiate and promote the Metaphysical Christogrammic Art, an easier manner to activate the pineal gland, to open the Sacred (Astral-Etheric) Eye, and attain telepathic communication. There has always been throughout the ages a minority of peoples born with an active (fully functional) Astral-Etheric Eye; they have been the Magi, Hierophants, Avatars, Sages, Buddhas, Masters, and Initiates of the Esoteric Sciences and Mystery Schools of humanity. 

It would be easier now to understand why we have two different Knowing in our mysterious Being: one is named Inner Knowing (transcending from our Consciousness and Mind of Soul), and the other is the Knowing-Cognition of our wave-generating thoughts of the Brain-Mind. Undoubtedly, the Inner knowing contains the higher knowledge, higher than the conceived thoughts of the Brain-Mind. With all my heart, I can say that there are two ways to look at the little stone from the mountain: one way would be to look and perceive just the poor stone of the material structure, whereas the other way will be to look deep within that stone and perceive the present and future Galactic Existence. Therefore, the first way to perceive the stone of the mountain is the way of the Individual Brain-Mind, while the second way is the perception of the Mind of Soul-Spirit and Inner Consciousness. 

It has to be emphasized again that Man is not a gender, but a Seed of Creation begotten by the Eternal Father-Creator of the Infinite Universe. Man-Soul and Woman-Soul united in One-Image-Essence of Creation reveal the highest Mystical Mystery-Pattern of Cosmic Evolution existing in the Great Cycles of Consciousness. By the Power of Destiny manifesting within me, I confess with the Tongue of the Soul that I did not create this Spiritual-Metaphysical Art with its array of Hermetic-Alchemical expressions as a means of pleasure, individual experience, or conscious will to satisfy any spontaneous human desire. It was created under the Sacred Eye of Fate to become a tool of INNER SELF investigation, cognition, and evolution for our Mind, Spirit, Incarnated Soul, and Consciousness – the major components of our Being of Man. 

Along the years of devoted meditation and artistic work, I reached the in-depth comprehension that the Soul of the Being of Man possesses a Metaphysical Language that is transmitted to our unconscious mind. Further ahead, the Mind located within the Space-Time of the Brain would generate countless mental and verbal languages for the Races of Man inhabiting the Galactic Mother-Stars (which are erroneously called planets). The Christogrammic Language is not only the Language of our Soul-Spirit-Forms since this gnostic semiotics manifests through the entire Great Consciousness of Universe, the GNOSTIC SEMIOTICS begotten as a metaphysical extension of the Logos, the Monadic Word emanating the Esoteric One-of-the-All and All-of-the-One (Essence of Creation). 

Within us does exist the Great Esoteric Principle - shown in all my artworks - that binds us in One Collective Destiny as existential Soul-Spirit Forms. That Esoteric Principle sustained by the immutable Laws of Creation is the main fragment of the Word-Logos, the Monadic Word that further gives gnostic cognition to the Mind of the Brain in order to comprehend the Universal Consciousness of the Infinite Creation. The alchemical forces released from the Semiotic Christograms with their waves of higher perceptive cognition will empower the Individual Mind to slowly acknowledge the Logos with its underlying Principle-Frame begetting the future Brotherhood-Sisterhood of the earthly Races of Man. 

The viewer has to use my artistic Christogrammic expression-manifestation as a simple exercise of semiotic praxis, and also, as a tool for conscious exploration of the Higher Inner Self. Hence, he/she will begin to decipher the Spheres of Light and Life in the Universe. The Spheres of Life are begotten (not made) by the Word-Logos within the Great Cycles of Consciousness and Life. This Gnostic Knowledge is transcended-gained from the continuous observation and deciphering process of the Alchemical Semiotics - Language of the Metaphysical Christogrammic Art. Those who will feel attracted to the Christogrammic images-forms will begin to enter into the sphere of Gnostic Cognition, spheres of their own Mind of the Soul and Consciousness. Thereafter, they will begin to truly acknowledge that Spiritual Darkness, alienation from your Soul, and materialistic existence create the world of degeneration, anxiety, cruelty, violence, disorder, psychosis, and suicide.


Your Mind of the Brain and Mind of the Soul have to commingle in your daily existence, and so, you shall escape the burden of unceasing psychological suffering.

The dual connection of Visual Perception with Gnostic Cognition take time, passion, and struggle to know your Inner Self-Being. The present artistic manifestation comes into existence as a CRY of the Inner Soul that wanted to make itself known to the Mind of the Brain and Conscious Thought of individual life. This cry of the artist’s Soul shall reach those who have the Spiritual Impulse to know the Mysteries of their Inner Selves.  Moreover, this Metaphysical artistic manifestation is a Journey of the Soul, as I have said so often. In the pre-destined day, begin the Journey of your Soul, and you shall not be the one you were before. 

In the Days of the Future - Days that will not be measured by the spinning of the Earth-Star around its axis - a Spiritual Race of Man shall appear to walk the karmic paths of our world. That new Race of Man will communicate through telepathic Christogrammic Language and have the cognition of the Sacred Nature of Mother-Star Khaa-Ayyaa-Tara-Virgin-Mary-Earth as a Cosmic Being of Life, the Immortal Mother endowed with the gigantic Cosmic Soul-Spirit Form and Consciousness. That Race will unify the genetic nature of the forgotten Gods of the Past with the Higher Nature and Purpose of Life of the Seventh Immortal Race of Man. It is vital for my Inner Self-Being and its Astral-Etheric Embroidery of Life to remember what the Great Cosmic Being Virgin-Mary-Earth told me years ago in a Sacred and Never-Forgotten Vision: 

"<In the Ages to come, there will be no Spiritual and Material Poverty, there will be no more Poverty of the Soul of Man in My earthly Kingdoms of Life.>" Her Sacred Voice speaks often in the Inner Shrine of my Soul, the abode in which I transcend-go to find the Mystery of Eternal Knowledge and serendipitous means of existence. 

All my artworks show that within our self-Beings, there is the Inner (Gnostic) Cognition, or inborn-giving Intelligence transcending from the Mind of the Soul, and further connecting to the Logos of Creation. The Inner Cognition manifests through Sacred Visions, Prophetic Visions (Remote Viewing Perceptions), vivid dreams, powerful feelings, and spontaneous knowing-unrelated to the Self Consciousness but linked to Nature and Consciousness-of-the-All. The Self-centered Ego and Consciousness are just simple elements belonging to the superficial Reality of the phenomena, not to the deeper and genuine Reality of Inner Creation. The Gnostic Cognition does link the Individual Mind to the Root-Essence-of-the-All that exist (the Higher Life) – and that is the long-aimed Spiritual Illumination (not Enlightenment). 


© Copyright * 2018 by Anne Furnaris
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