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Artist's Biography  

I am a native of Romania (Southeastern Europe), the ancient mystical country of ballads and earliest European civilization, historically and anthropologically documented as the Cucuteni-Trypillian culture (over 40,000 years). In 1990, by the Invisible Hand of Destiny, I escaped the Communist persecution, and from a political camp in Istanbul, Turkey, my husband and I were sent to the USA. God and the unseen Wheel of Destiny chose the USA to be my future country of naturalization. 

Pursuing the innate passion for the Visual Arts, I studied at the College for Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan. In 2000, I graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts. From the first year of the art college, I began painting and sculpting using Alchemical-Metaphysical and esoteric symbols, which essence originates in the Space-Time-World of the Inner Soul and Non-Physical Universe. For over 25 years, I have been the initiator and promoter of an Alchemical-Metaphysical Art of the Inner Soul, while every year my artworks have been displayed in different Art Galleries in the State of Michigan. Since 1998, I have disseminated the growing seeds of a gnostic-esoteric and Spiritual-Alchemical Art with love, forbearance, dedication, passion, and unceasing stamina. 


I have a Home Art Studio, in which I gladly receive (by appointment) artists, art teachers,  writers, art collectors, and peoples that are interested to explore the Art of the Spheres of Life, Spheres of the Soul-Spirit and Non-Physical Universe-Life. This spiritual-artistic manifestation has the purpose to liberate the Individuated Mind of the Human Being from the chains of conditional anxiety induced by the daily over-use of conscious thought, to release us from the perpetual suffering triggered by the imprinted cultural-materialistic rationalism, to disentangle our consciousness from the egotism-creating alienation, to free our Soul from the ancestral and absolute physical life-reality impulse, and help us returning to the ancient Alchemy of Life and nurturing Wisdom of the Inner Soul. The post-Renaissance Western civilization has created and worldwide perpetuated an abyss of philosophical theories and "scientific" dogmas of materialism that have deceived, altered, and degenerated the natural evolution of the human mind, Soul, and Consciousness. 

The epidemics of mental analysis and exhausting observation of the physical phenomena of the Space-Time-Reality have separated us from the Inner World-Reality of our Astral and Etheric Bodies, from the Mind of our undying Soul, from the Consciousness of our Spirit-Being of Man, and from the Infinite Mind of Creation. We have condemned ourselves to live in the limited sphere of Physical Space-Reality and circumscribed apprehension-cognition belonging to our conscious mind.  The Individual Mind has been altered by the materialistic theories-creating sciences of hypothetical nature and content, materialistic sciences that fashioned a world of mental thought of conscious and unconscious antagonism, a world of insanity, delusional cognition of the Inner Nature of Life, and violation of the Eternal Laws of Creation. The Being of Man is a multi-layered Being of the Eternal Universe; the Being of Man is not a Being of solely Physical Nature and Life, as the materialistic belief systems and sciences with their enforced culture of taboos have decreed in their sickening aim to annihilate the perennial Inner Nature of the Being of Man. 

The materialistic philosophies and social doctrines of the last five centuries have tried to totally eradicate the Metaphysical Sciences that have been perpetuated throughout the Aeons of Life and Consciousness, perpetuated from the Yore of All-Times that existed long before the Immortal Man of Atlantis. The mainspring of the ageless Metaphysical Sciences can be found in the Word-Logos of Infinite Creation, while the Logos is mystical, everlasting, and divine in its nature. Throughout millennia of existence of the earthly Races of Man, Enlightened Avatars and Sages descended from the Higher Spheres of Life and appeared in our Space-Time-World to deliver the basic teachings of the Metaphysical Sciences of Creation, teachings showing that Life is not physical in its Inner Nature, so Life is neither a absolute Karmic Phenomenon nor an experiential mixture of phenomena of physical foreground. Life is One of the Great Mysteries of Creation, a Mystical Mystery ever-transcending from the Word-Logos of Creation, the One-Logos that can never be found by the intricate and thought-creating mathematical calculations, or thought-

creating theoretical analysis that sickens the conscious mind of the innocent, and though the individual mind becomes the victim of delusion and virtual reality. 


The Word-Logos Self-existing beyond Space, Time, and Individuated Mind, the Logos transcending from the Infinite Mind of Creation of One Begetter-Father of All, the Logos can be felt and touched by the feeling of our heart, the highest Alchemical Seal and Portal going toward our Astral Body, and further transcending the Life-Force and Consciousness of the Being of Man toward the Inner Soul. The above Gnosis of Life and Metaphysical Mysteries is the outcome of long years of practice of European Cosmic Yoga, a traditional practice that does not come from the abstract and hypothetical concepts of the conscious mind-creating philosophical materialism, a traditional and ancestral practice that has been perpetuated behind the Esoteric Door of Known History. The Arian Cosmic Yoga of the Celtic, Catharic, Scythian, and Geto-Thracian Arcanum have many teachings in common with the Asian Yoga of the Hindu and Tibetan Buddhism.


In the caves of the mountains of Romania (the modern country of the ancient Dacia of the Geto-Thracian and Dacian peoples) were discovered many manuscripts of Tibetan Buddhist Yoga, since from ancient times there existed a cultural and commercial communication in between the Asian and European worlds. 

I am the descent of the Geto-Thracian-Dacian peoples, my noble ancestors of modern Romania, the country of mystical and metaphysical epos, country and cradle of legends of the giant Races of Man who lived before the Great Flood of Noah. 


As long as the blood flows in the veins of my Physical Body, as long as the flames of the Soul reach my Mind and Consciousness, I will endure despite all vicissitudes of life and continue to bring into existence the fruits of this artistic creation, a spiritual mission that I do truly honor with the whole Consciousness and Heart. 

During the 40 years spent in the ancient lands of Europe, I passionately studied the hermetic and gnostic sciences of the past, among which astrology, numerology, geomancy, platonic theurgy, and cosmic yoga were the beloved ones. The present artworks are the outcome of the metaphysical-spiritual knowledge of these ancient sciences. 

For further information read the book “The Gates of the Soul of Man” that I published under the pseudonym Annathaa Theea ( or type the keyword Annathaa Theea in any internet browser). 


                                       The Great Pyramid of Giza
seen from the two Space-Time-Dimensions - Astral and Physical

                    Blue Green Conjoined 
The Emerald Color of Eternity 

Triquetra - Three Overlapping Vesica Piscis Symbols.jpg

     Three overlapping Vesica Piscis symbols 

© Copyright * 2018 by Anne Furnaris
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