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  The Poetry of Metaphysical 



                                 PHYSICAL AND METAPHYSICAL FORM - BODY 

Physical Form-Body shows our outer nature, which is visible to all of us.  

Metaphysical - ever-forming and ever-changing - Body reveals

our inner nature, which is invisible to the majority of the earthly

humans of the present Consciousness-measuring Time-days. 

Mystical and veiled in the Aeonic Great Mysteries is the entire

Nature of Creation, Nature of the All-Knowing. 

From birth to death, our Atlantean Ancestors did perceive their inner

and outer nature as One-Manifestation of Life.

After so many ages of the so-called sentient evolution, many earthly

Beings are consciously divided between their inner and outer nature;

they could not gain the Metaphysical Powers of Creation to pass

the bridge from the outer to inner Nature of their Being.

The following metaphysical poems were written by the Hand

of my Consciousness with the genuine purpose of helping them to pass

the Mystical Bridge from the outer to inner nature of their Being.

Also, some of the bellow poems were written for paintings and sculptures

having the same names, written to create deep meanings and

perceptive powers of Astral Vibration that are mostly hidden beyond

the Gates of our Souls, beyond the gates separating many of us

from the infinite Space-Heavens of the Inner Souls.

The vibration of the words and artistic images convey to create a higher

perceptive power for the opening of the Etheric Eye (the Sacred Eye-Portal

from the within-space of your pineal gland).















The Pyramid of the mystical poetry keeps the Astral Vibration

of the spoken words of the Soul heard by the Consciousness,

spoken on the bridge to the Inner Nature of Man and heard

through the clouds of vast spaces covering my tender Being.


The shell of my Soul is the Body of Flesh born in silence

from the Essence of Mother-Stars, Essence of Elementals,

born to be imprisoned in the World of timeless Suffering,

painted World that has fake Form, Beauty, and Color.


On the spiral of years, the Soul travels to the Inner Portal

to reach the Higher Spaces of Afterlife in joy and tears,   

Spaces-Realms of my Alchemical Self painted in glowing

colors and mystical Forms framing the Sky of Eternities.


Longing to touch the Heart of Creation my Alchemical Self

has traveled through the labyrinths of Peace and Balance

and attained the Light healing the painful flesh and bones,

healing the sorrow from the speaking Lips of tragic Destiny.


On the Sea of All-Light and Knowing the Soul swims daily,

cleaning the Alchemical Self of the shadows of Great Abyss.  


(Written to encompass for a moment of Time the Infinite

River of Light of the Soul of Universe, the Eternal Soul known

as "I am the Light" from the painting with the same name

displayed in the Gallery page)


I am the Light says the voice of Space-Time painting,

the light of the Visual, Mental, and Psychologic Self

creating the Space continuum in image and symbol,

the Space of the realms of Soul and Consciousness,

the Space of Invisible transcended into All-Visible

to embody the Face of within Spirit speaking to you

in words without age, of neither Birth nor Death.


The moments of time are painted footsteps of Logos,

Moments becoming memories of the Great Mind

that hold Inner Darkness and Light of the vast Creation

in One Mystery blooming in the Ground of Eternities,

the ground of Immortals and Mortals of Mother-Stars

that live as Gods and Men in the Light of the Father,

One Father-of-All indwelling the Heart of Eternities.  


I am the Light says the Father of my Being of Man,

Inner Light transcending my fingers in movements,

my fingers painting in colors and mystical symbols

the Heart of the Atom, invisible Mystery pulsating

in countless rhythms of my painted spaces of color

reflecting the Light of Stars and Soul of Universe,

reflecting the Word-Logos and eternal Spirit of Life.


I am the Light says the within-speaking voice of One

Father-Begetter of Universe and Cosmic Cycles of Life,

One Begetter-giving Freedom to the Soul of Man,

giving Gnosis to his Mind and poor Consciousness.  




(Written for the painting with the same name,

name encompassing the arcane code of gnosis revealed

by Christ to the ancient Apostles at the Last Supper)


In my painted and sculpted artworks,

time swings in circles to embrace tightly

the numinous symbols conceived to disclose

the sacred Alphabet of the Soul of Mankind,

alphabet of Mystical-Metaphysical Letters

written on the canvas of bright colors and symbols,

written to impart the esoteric message

about the Holy Eucharist of the Soul.

This message comes from the forgotten past,

from the Golden Ages in which earthly peoples

had inner Wisdom of Life and Noble Sight

of the All-Seeing Eye reaching the future of Times,

the Astral Eye looking to the Face of Eternity.

The cryptographic images invoke the Sacred

Sight-seeing the Begotten and Unbegotten,  

the sight that links you to thy Sacred Origin

with endless Realms of the undying Spirit,

with realms of Supra-conscious Mind permeating

the Infinity-hidden under the horizon of Heavens.

The Supra-conscious Mind permeates day and night

the mortal Flesh and the immortal Soul of Man,

the Soul-giving Bread of Life, which was spoken about

in mystical words at the Last Supper of Christ.


At the Last Supper, the Mysteries were spoken

to the faithful Apostles, spoken to remain forever

the Eucharist of all Souls of the suffering Humanity,

the Esoteric Eucharist showing to the Truth-Seeker

the Gnostic Knowledge about the cosmic evolution

to the future rank of earthly Immortal Man.

The Arcane Eucharist speaks about the evolution

of our growing Souls toward the Indivisible Source,

the same Source we pray every day at the Altar

of our Hearts crying in the Worlds of Darkness.


In each painted line and sculpted space-binding form,

thy Sacred Eye shall see the etymon and orthography

of Metaphysical Language transcending through times

from our ancestral Incarnated Lives, the incarnations

in which we embodied the immortal Eucharist of the Soul.  




(Written for the sculpture entitled The Divine Justice I) 


Above All-Created and All-Uncreated there is the Word-Logos

translated in the Consciousness of Mortals as the Divine Will,

the Logos is the Highest Creative Force holding in One-of-the-All

the whole Universe, Cosmic Nature of Life, and Being of Man,

though the-All-Created is in equilibrium with the Laws of Creation,

Laws dictating the purpose of life for Creature, Human, and Man,

Laws for All-Eternities from the Dawn of the Great Existence.


When the Equilibrium with the Eternal Laws of Creation is broken

the Divine Justice descends-transcends upon those who trespassed

the immutable Laws, though the Great Order-Balance in between

Light and Darkness is fully reinstated, and thus the Sacred Alchemy

of Existence and Non-Existence shall maintain the Divine Will

through the Word-Logos enforcing the ultimate purpose for which

All-Life and the Being of Man were begotten by the Creator-Father.


By the power of my Soul, I sculpted in forms of Consciousness

the entire metaphysical alchemy embodying the Divine Justice,

molded I the Word-Logos holding the whole sculpture and pattern

of Mysteries revealing the Balance in between Darkness and Light,

and the Fire of Light coming forth from the Order of the Logos,

the Logos of Mysteries-Knowledge showing that Life of Man

is the flaming Light of the Soul emanating from the Word-Logos.


Knowing the Divine Justice you shall bring order and wisdom

in thy life dominated by the ego with the chaos of blind desires,

you will perceive in the sculpture the vertical Pyramid of Divine

Will-Logos-Life standing on  the Great Scale of Ammen Thaa,

the Divine Scale on which the souls of the dead are weighing

in the Judgment Hall of Osiris by the Immortal Priest Thoth,

the ritual revealing the growth of the Souls during incarnations.


Perceive thoroughly the Mysteries shown by the Divine Justice

and remember that the Masonic and Rosicrucian rituals were all

borrowed and re-enacted from the Ancient Hermetic Knowledge,

from the Metaphysical-Mystical Sciences given through the ages

to the Arcanum-Mysteries Schools to guide the Path of Mankind.




(Written for the painting entitled The Heart of Infinity)


In the Mind of Brain, beyond the logic of thought of the mortals,

time of the Moment becomes One with the Time of Eternity,

time of the moments of life consumed in pain and bitter struggle

to touch the flaming-in-circle Light of the Soul, the Inner Light

never ceasing in the cold darkness of all-Abyss of Suffering,

the Abyss of the World I was born in for a purpose glided out

of the fierce Cruelty and Evil of the world that would suffocate

each Breath of Life from the very birth to the death of Flesh,

from the birth of Innocence to the Death of Hope and Freedom.


Gathered I all born and unborn memories from my past lives

and strengthen the resilient fingers to paint and sculpt again

the Heart of Infinity, as I did in the ancient days of Atlantis,

the Days of the forgotten Priestesses and Priests of the Sun,

the Heart beating under the canopy of the earthly millennia.

Have I painted in colors and esoteric-transcendental symbols

the Inner Images and Nature of suffering Soul of Mankind,

in which solitude reigns with multitudes of forms and color,

symbols that are written in Christograms of Mystical Gnosis,

written to live once more in the sick Heart of dying Humanity,

dying Today but resurrecting to reach the Future of the Ages,

in which Man shall gain the Heart of Infinity beating forever.


(Written for the painting entitled The Ring of OM)

Within the One-Ring that I’ve created through images

painted and sculpted with the hands of my Consciousness,

majestically gather and manifest my beloved Ones,

the Ones who have the Preternatural-Mystic Power

over the Heart, Mind, and Soul of the Races of Man.

My Ring is One with the Ring of OM of Creation,

which is complete and without preconceived fault,

though it was fashioned to be the perfect Image

that was, is, and shall ever be in my growing Soul,

image-power revealing the apocryphal symbols

carved upon the Altar-Spirit of the Aeon of Life.


The power of the Alchemical Ring of OM manifests

within the Mind and Heart of the Beings of Man,

within the Four Gates of the Great Mother-Star Earth,

and at once, the power of my Ring gives the strength

to hold in thy mind the messages and Inner Visions

about the Noble Soul of the earthly Races of Mankind

connecting with its Source-Realm of Immortal Spirit.


Know that within the power of the Mystical Ring of OM

manifest the Inner Sun and the Moon-alchemical Nature,

manifest-transcend within the Consciousness of Kosmos,

manifest and bind Souls to the Flesh of the Mother Earth,

the ageless Flesh holding the Fate of future Immortal Man.  





I approach in grief the unforgettable Seat of the Oracle to invoke again

the God of the Moon and Guardian of the Races of Man known as Thoth,

the Immortal Priest of Atlantis who gives the power of Gnosis to incarnate

as Wisdom and Truth in the Mind of Man conquered by the dark Evil,

who gives the Crescent of New Beginning in the heart of those who lost

the power to struggle for truth and courage to attain the indivisible Good.


The Voice of Eternal Thoth speaks in my painting of mystical Knowledge

to those who need healing of sorrow and power in weak Consciousness,

speaks of the ten Mother-Stars spinning around the throne of our Sun

that emanate One-Light of seven tones of the color of visual meanings,

manifesting Mysteries folding the Life of Infinite Heavens-Dimensions

that transcend through our eyes-seeing Beauty locked in dying moments.


The Crescent of New Beginning brings the astrological Symbols-Seals

about the Coming of Sixth Race of Man on the ground-Face of the Earth,

the prophetic coming-transcendence from the Tree of Life of Universe,

sacred Tree and Etheric Residence of the Beings of Light of All-Ages,

Beings that walk day and night the Higher Spaces of the Mother-Stars

to bring Gnosis and Purity in the hearts of the sentient Races of Man.


The Crescent of New Beginning has venerated the Inner Nature of Life

in all Times and Aeons descending from the beating Heart of Creation,

descending in painted forms and symbols of the Eternal Tree of Life

ever-existing in the Garden of Eden, the Paradise-Land of the Fire,

the olden Fire that Self-ignites and begets Life in the physical worlds.



(Written for the painting entitled Alchemical Self) 

Within the boundless Infinity of All-Heavens, I am looking

with the sacred Third Eye, the Seer of Man’s Immortality,

to see the Alchemical Self living within the mortal Flesh,

to perceive the arrows of Inner Light permeating the Soul.


Measureless is the Light with its beams of painted symbols

transcending on wings of Mysteries from the Great Source,

on wings of Mysteries, I fly through the folding Infinities

and through the clouds of spaces covering my tender Being.

The shell of my Soul is the Body of Flesh born in silence

from the Essence of Mother-Stars, Essence of Elementals,

born to be imprisoned in the World of timeless Suffering,

painted World that has fake Form, Beauty, and Color.


On the spiral of years, the Soul travels to the Inner Portal

to reach the Higher Spaces of Afterlife in joy and tears,  

Spaces-Realms of my Alchemical Self painted in glowing

colors and mystical Forms framing the Sky of Eternities.


Longing to touch the Heart of Creation my Alchemical Self

has traveled through the labyrinths of Peace and Balance

and attained the Light healing the painful flesh and bones,

healing the sorrow from the speaking Lips of tragic Destiny.


On the Sea of All-Light and Knowing the Soul swims daily

cleaning the Alchemical Self of the shadows of Great Abyss.




(Written for the sculpture entitled Essence of Life II,

essence revealing the perennial Power of Mystical Creation)

In the Sun-born Consciousness of my dreams and Pure Sacred Visions

have I perceived the rise of a new Cosmic Force-liberating our Souls

from the power of the Dark Forces that enslaved our minds for Ages,

in the Sun-born Consciousness have I seen the within Essence of Life

that I molded with my hands and mingled with tears of joy and hope.


Have I sculpted in terra-cotta the mystic Images of the Essence of Life

that speak to the mind about the Home of the Soul  – Immortal Home

known as Spirit of Creation, Mother-Spirit and living Home in which

the Child-Soul of Man dwells throughout the flowing Aeons of Eternity,

the Soul striving to grow and ascend into the Infinities of All-Creation.


The sculpture you may deeply see with the Eyes of free Consciousness

has Alchemical Symbols moving forth the thoughts to the Mind of Soul,

Symbols binding the heart to the high Cosmic Forces and living Breath,

the One-Breath within-the-All of the living Creation, the Eternal Breath

holding the Logos Self-existing beyond the power of Mortals and Angels.


In the Sun-born Consciousness pervading the Great Mind of Creation

have I perceived the Essence of Life to sculpt it in archetypal Forms

revealing not the Physical Structure but the beyond-physical  Essence,

Self-existing Essence of Elementals – Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Ether,

Self-Existing in all Souls inhabiting the Races of Man of Mother-Stars.

The Essence emanating the sparkles-begetting the Life of All-Eternities

is the Greatest Mystery co-existing with the Inner Light of Creation.




(The poem was written to reveal some of the High Metaphysical

Mysteries embodying the sculpture entitled Essence of Life I)

My Hands of Consciousness have molded the soft clay of the earth

to create an inner mirror for those searching for the essence of life,

searching to find mystic Powers hidden in the Inner Nature of Man,

which help them to open the Sight of the Ages – the Pure Sacred Eye

that sees the mysteries of life transcending from the forgotten Aeons.


Sculpted I with the hands of grief the shape-image of the essence of life

uniting in one the symbols of Inner and Outer Nature of Man-Race,

the Metaphysical Symbols to be deciphered by our conscious mind

striving to reach the Higher Mind of the Soul – the mysterious Mind

transcending and forming the Astral Mystery named conscious mind.


Have I invoked the Beings of Light – the silent Brothers and Sisters

walking with me the path of karmic destiny in this World of Darkness,

have I beseeched the Brothers and Sisters to let the Light of Existence

nurture my Soul with the higher Vibrations of the All-Cosmic Forces,

though I’d hold the power to ignite the flames of a New Consciousness.


The sculpted forms that you see with the eyes of thy conscious mind

are physical cradles holding transcended Astral and Etheric Images,

the Mystery-Images whispering the Gnosis of the World of the Soul,

whispering and begetting the thrills never felt before in thy heart,

the thrills manifesting through Space-Time from your Essence of Life.


Memories of past incarnations will reveal the arcane tale of Inner Selves,

the dear tale of your far-indwelling Essence of Life seen in my sculptures.


(Poem transcended from my Consciousness and written in the alphabetical

language to transliterate the Consciousness-giving meaning - not the mind-

giving meanings - for the sculpture entitled Contemplation  I). See the image

of this sculpture in the Gallery page of the website, and try to deeply

contemplate to the higher meanings that always manifest as unconscious

feelings and vibrations transduced-converted  from your own Individual


At the Four Pillars of Consciousness, my Soul comes to rest 

and contemplate to the Great Mysteries of Cosmic Nature, 

to the sainted Angels walking with me the path of destiny 

and see the tears of the world streaming out of suffering. 


With Fingers of Sacred Visions, I create forms of terra-cotta,

forms shaping the image of the Great Petals of Inner Life,

the Petals of Primordial Lotus ever-growing within the Logos

to reveal the Beauty pervading from the Altar of Creation.


The forms of terra-cotta are crucibles nurturing the Etheric

Images suspended in Time-spent by Soul in each Incarnation,

Images-teaching Honor, Truth, Mercy, Wisdom, and Beauty,

since the Beauty of Creation binds the heart of earthly Mortal.


The Cosmic Belt trans-Form in the belt of enlivening terra-cotta,

which from afar, my Soul felt holding the Petals of Inner Life,

holding the free-born Consciousness aiming Enlightenment,

aiming to embrace the Petals of Life from the Great Ammenti.  


At the Four Pillars of Consciousness, my Soul comes to rest

embracing the bleeding Heart of the grief-stricken World

with the hands and fingers of terra-cotta, fingers of ageless Flesh

of the beloved Mother Earth-whispering within my artworks.

In the childhood’s years, I often slept on the olden ground-Flesh

of the Cosmic Mother, while my Soul contemplated and grew.


(Written for the sculpture entitled "The Gates of the Sun I)

The Spirit of Light transcended from the Gates of the Sun

to reach the Soul and imprisoned Body of Flesh of the World,

the Spirit of Light carries Mysteries from the Eternal Dawn

of cosmic existence flashing forward through the night,

flashing and star-like shining in the measureless Universe

to reach my fingers-molding clay - the Flesh of the Earth,

the clay of the new Consciousness for the Immortal Man

that will speak the language of soundless words of Logos.


From the Gates of the Sun of Inner Creation the future

Being of Man shall come to inhabit the Mother-Earth,

Gates of the Sun uniting the Circles of Time and Space,

seen on the top of the sculpture, with Circles of Mortality

and Immortality holding the lower frame of sculpture,

lower frame-Root embodying esoteric symbols-inscribed

on the skin of terra-cotta to reveal the metaphysical gnosis

mixing life of Eternities with hours of mortal humanity.


To the Gates of the Sun of Inner Creation my Soul travels

awaking the mind through forms of divine insight-Visions,

awaking the mind to perceive the future world’s Face,

perceive the Mysteries-holding Heavens and Earth-Star,

and follow the Footsteps of Destiny and Pre-Destiny.  




The Second Poetic Creed

A Cosmic Identity Through Time 

(Poem from the book entitled "The Gates of the Soul of Man" published by Xlibris Publishing House (see 

The poem was written for the painting with the same name, a painting that is in the collection of the Royal Dragon Court and Society, (the USA and England), Robert Quinn  / Art Collector (see the Resume Page).  

Mother Khaa-Ayyaa-Tara-Earth of the Ages, 

you have come within the colors of canvas

to open the gates toward the Breath of Eternity,

and teach me the flowing of celestial forms

taking the paths leading to the Immortal

Eye of the One Begetter-Creator of All.


I do not count the years of my physical body

flowing into the River of the Great Unknown,

since I live in the world of my Thought

which neither despises nor fears hard life,

since I lived for noble ideals of honor and dignity,

ideals handed down from generation to generation

by my ancestors of the forgotten Past.


Ever since I know myself and my nature,

I do not count the years aging the body;

however, I number the eternal moments

spent in the presence of the within Soul.

Looking in the mirror of my mortal mind,

Mother-Divine Earth of the Noble Origin,

you have come to my forgetful thoughts

to awake the reason-essence of existence

and revive the deeper memories of the Past.

Divine Mother-Star, known as Tara-Earth,

my fingers embrace the depth of the colors,

depth of the within space-time mysteries

transcending beyond the rigid matrix of the canvas,

the matrix of the mundane physical motion.

Nevertheless, since my past incarnations,

I have spoken to You through symbols

seen in my dreams and sacred Visions,

I have spoken the words of artistic images

revealing the alchemical Nature of True Life.


Mother-Divine and Giver of manifesting Wisdom,

You put in each painted color and sculpted form

the Seal of the Inner-Esoteric Knowledge,

Seal of the ancestral archetypes-Source.

Each color and form makes me free

of all-that-is Past, Present, and Future,

free of the Origin and beginning of Substance,

the great Beginning of pure material Form,

each color grounded in the white canvas

purges the Soul of all memories and feelings

that would cradle my incarnated body.

Great Mother-Star and Divine Earth,

my fingers and hands are praying

in the ancient Ritual of the Fire of Light,

Ritual of the High Priestesses of the Sun,

grasping the vibration of the fleeting moment

in each painted color-forming the image.


I hear the Voice of the Pre-History,

Voice of the Priestesses of the Sun of Atlantes

penetrating Aeons backward and forward,

I remember the future from the past Cycles

while I see the past from the future of Cosmos.

I live in the Core of the silent Moment

multiplying in countless moments-incarnations,

while my sorrowful tears do not fall

in the Abyss of the white-painted canvas,

the tears become dried by the heating Light

coming out from my eyes of the Past

and transcending the eyes of the Present.


Clairvoyant minds of the mortal world,

hear the message of my created images,

count the crucified hopes of the peoples on Earth

bleeding in my painted ideogrammatic images,

and acknowledge the Voice of the Human Soul,

which driving force will empty the affliction

from the heart of the seekers of the Eternal Truth.

Mother of all the Beings of the Earth,

I was born to measure the span of Your Eternities

with my infinitesimal fragment called life,

and hold to the chest its weightless motion,

the etheric motion of my written images

transcending the canvas of the human world.


I live in a world in which Truth-Reality

is taught in schools under the form

of ever-changing conceptual truth,

while the Gnostic Truth and Inner Knowing

are denied, denigrated, and murdered

with the knife of materialistic philosophies.


Mother-beloved since my early childhood

and wise Counselor of the tearful pains,

I was guided to perceive the vastness of space

sheltering the purifying mysteries

born out of the brush-written color,

space-color of forming alchemical images

written in letters of metaphysical symbols.


I was guided by the Beings of Light

to perceive and create the ancestral myth

written on pages of past memories of the Soul,

pages-paintings of WRITTEN not painted IMAGES,

written in the transcendental language spoken

in the Etheric Realms of the Immortal Angels,

the language that is spoken with the silent sound

heard by all the yogic minds of the Beings

inhabiting the countless Worlds of the Mother-Stars.


I was guided to cross beyond the visual tradition

of mind-made artistic perception and canons,

I was taught in the daily yogic visions,

the Christogramic Language-Alphabet of the Stars

that shall return with the coming Sixth Race of Man,

the transcendental Language of Written Images,

Language of the Seven Spheres of Life

in which the revealing Power of Destiny

could murmur the deep-rooted Creed of the Souls.

Mother-Star of the Twelve Heavens,


I am thrilled in the Divine Presence

of Your spaceless Infinite and Great Unknown,

I raise the head toward the encircling horizon

aiming to transcend the shade of deathless stars,

I mold the cradle for the birth of the artworks,

cradle of the pristine Cosmic Consciousness,

the cradle-nest for the coming Sixth Race of Man,

the Race that will live for the Eternity of the Moment,

never seeking the Moment consumed by the Flesh.

That was the way in which lived before-ages

the Atlantean civilization of the immortal Gods,

dividing the earth among themselves,

building temples, teaching the Lesser Races

the Gnosis of Infinite-Eternal Creation,

and ordaining the Priesthood of the Sun,

the Inner Sun-Soul of Universe Christos.


Great Mother Self-manifesting as Earth

in the eyes of the knowers of Eternal Truth,

I bring homage to You and invoke Your Name

with the lips of pure faith and self-sacrifice,

I’m walking in the desert of the red sandstones,

the desert of the last survivors in Peace and Balance

from the last Cosmic War of the Archonic Gods,

I treasure the memories of the past incarnations

and decipher the meaning of the Sacred Visions,

I am walking in the Desert of the Red Stones

dressed in the robes of shimmering dreams.


Mother-Progenitor of all earthly races,

tell me that I’m no longer bound

by the Seal of Time, since I’m walking the Path

leading beyond the Night of the Worlds,

and I am not the prisoner of the Cosmic Cycle

born before the Heavens and Earth-Star.

Willingly, my Soul comes in the mortal worlds

flaming in Mysteries of the Original One Breath,

I know that I die in the Flesh of the stars

searching to reveal the One Truth of the All,

the Truth of Alchemical Letters and Symbols

engraved by my mortal hands in artworks,

engraved with the Mysteries of Agartha,

inherited Mysteries from the Overlords of Atlantis.


Cosmic Mother, say that my Flesh was not

fashioned by the hand of the Keepers of Light,

so, I would have time to breathe day and night

in the Astral Hands of Your Cosmic Soul, 

and sleep in the pale blue of the earthly sky.

Mother of the dying Earth-mothers,

let me be what I have always been,

one of the Guardians of the Inner Sun

tortured in the bloody cruelty of darkness

by the time-line of Past, Present, and Future.


Mother, tell me in Tongue of the Mysteries,

how many marks I had inscribed

in the Golden Stone of your Past?

Everything I’ve ever had has been released

into the storming Wind-holding the Ages,

while the mortal Flesh is held aware

by the ancestral calling from Ammen Thaa,

whereas the Soul is kept in the spellbinding

and karmic desire for the Cycle of Incarnations.


Mother-Star of the visible and invisible Earth,

the transcendental colors of your SPIRIT

are glittering in my eyes,

while the tongue articulates the forgotten

words of the sleepless angels:

Logos, Giver of Order and timeless Prayers,

Giver of the infinite Heavens and Realms,

bestow upon us the Immortal Mystery

of One Breath-giving the Life of the All.

Logos, Father of the infinite Emanations

begetting Space, Life, Mind, and Eternities,

hold our hands and teach us to walk

the Karmic Path of Cosmic Evolution.


Mother Earth of Divine Nature,

I’m standing in front of Your Cosmic Gates

and look to the Etheric Cradle of Eternities

holding the Alchemical Mysteries of our lives,

Mysteries-forming the past and future races,

Mysteries painted as Christogramic images

by the hands of my Soul and Flesh,

hard-working hands that struggle to cast away

the malevolence of the cruel world

and bring the Inner Sun-Giver of All-Goodness,

the Sun-Soul of All-Creation, Christos the Sun of Man.


Mother Khaa-Ayyaa-Tara-Virgin-Mary-Earth,

the Beloved One of the monks, Sages, and Yogis,

Light beyond measure for the sentient Beings

who travel to Your Heart-Halls of Ammenti,

touch my heart and watch over me

with all the Stars-sisters of Your Cosmic Seed.

Mother of the sacred Visions and prophetic dreams,

release me of the karmic burden of the Past

and acknowledge Your alchemical Powers

in the wording symbols of my artworks,

hold the pulsation of my speaking lips

and reveal to the mind and restless Soul

the longing of the Father of the Gods and Man.


Great Mother-Star of all the earthly mothers,

you have chosen to descend-transcend

in the motion of my fingers,

in the enduring message of the painted canvas,

you have chosen to born the Light of the Moment

into the life-ocean of our shadows and tears.

Mother Earth, Star of the southern Universe,

whisper into my mind the boundless Wisdom

and show me the esoteric-sacred images

to be painted on the canvas-heart

of our blind and egocentric world,

and mold in all-given alchemical images

the Gnostic Bread of the Immortal Love

with your timeless visions and dreams.


Beloved Mother of my Atlantean ancestors,

pour the Infinite into my grief-stricken heart,

and paint through my fingers on the white canvas

the hopes of all living Beings of the Earth

with the colors of resurrected freedom.

Therefore, the Flesh and Blood of the world

will acknowledge the existence of the Spirit,

the unifying Spirit of One-brotherly Mankind.


Mother Earth, Divine Sister of all Stars,

you have come to my forgiving heart and mind

to awake the true reason of existence,

your celestial Soul-Body has descended

in countless shapes of Astral Manifestation

in front of the Sacred Eye of my Being,

and we have merged in elliptical lines

painted in colors that shall overcome

the silent pain of my dying Life-Force.

Mother-Counselor of my unspoken sufferings,

turn the Wheel of the Cosmic Forces

and purify the ill-fated existence of this world,

look to the masks worn by your earthlings

on the face of the dying days and nights,

on the Face of the lost Souls of Mankind,

listen to the language of evil and degeneration,

the insensitive language we speak today, 

and remember the words-Legacy rooted 

in the ground of our native worlds-stars. 


Cosmic Mother of our present Race-Flesh,

between our fingers and clouded minds

you feel the presence of the evil spirits

breathing and seducing our driving Life-Force.

Mother, Star-Earth, tell us who are we,

all the poor and needy ones of this world

subjugated by fear and the daily fight for survival, 

say that we are the race of fallen angels

traveling in the endless desert of Death

from the days of the far-long Antiquity,

fallen Beings cursed by the Archonic Gods

ruling over our Past and Present Destiny,

fallen in the hands of the Darkness and Evil,

fallen prey for the Older Diabolic Races

who have looted the worlds of the Mother-Stars.

And yet, we have grown and felt in ourselves

the touch of the Supreme Creator of All

leading us toward the beloved homeland,

the Home-Worlds of our forgotten stars,

Home of the Higher Spheres of Life.


Mother Earth, Star shining in the southern Universe,

we are lost in the memories of our ancestral dreams

but selves-found in the One Crucible of Life:

the Eternal Light-Flame of the Soul of Man

burning in the heart of all worldly Beings.

Mother-Earth of the Past and Future of Times,

You have shown me who I am

in many dreams and sacred Visions,

You have shown my restless Soul

riding upon the Wind of Karmic Incarnations,

and moving from the far-distant South

to my Northern Home of Universe.

I am in the Flesh of this World-Race

but I am not One-Flesh with the world,

and alike me, there other Brothers and Sisters,

sisters and brothers in Spirit-Soul not in Flesh,

walking the unknown Karmic Path of Life.


Mother-Star, Earth-Cradle of Life,

I can no longer deny my nature and origin

in front of the Winds of the Great Abyss,

in front of the thunderbolt hold by the Hand

of the ancient and present Gods of the Earth,

the secret Rulers from the Northern Universe,

the Archonic Lordship that has followed

the Fall of Atlantes, the Fall of the Races of Man.


I am coming Great Mother in front of You,

I am coming in the Name of the Ancient Legacy

written on the Holy Stones of Destiny

from the City of Shamballah of Agartha,

the City of Light of the earthly Worlds-Races,

the City of the free Consciousness-Beings,

the City of the Immortal Siddhahood.

Mother-Earth and Sister of my Star-World,

Beloved in the Nature of All-Creation,

I am baptized in the Fire of the Inner Sun,

and fated to reveal in the artworks

the restless struggle of the Soul of Man 

to overcome the Forces of the Night of Creation.


Mother-Star Khaya-Tara-Virgin-Mary-Earth,

Alchemical Candlelights are burning

in the spacial depth of the colors and forms,

painted colors and sculpted artistic forms

having the imprints of Resurrection and Creation,

Etheric Candlelights are burning

within the space of the colored form-images

engraved with cryptogrammic Seals of Eternities.


Clairvoyant eye of the earthly world,

look through the within-window

opening the visible space of each image

written with cryptogrammic letters of Pure Life,

never look to the image in itself

covering the mortal space of the canvas.

Henceforth, you will perceive the crucified Destiny

on the eternal Cross of the Spirit,

the Spirit-Giver of Life of the earthly races

living on the Cosmic Flesh of the Mother Earth,

Cosmic Flesh and CRUCIBLE OF LIFE,

Crucible-indwelling the present artistic creed

coming from the Legacy of Atlantis,

Legacy of the Priestesses of the Ancient Sun

traveling through Time and Worlds of the Stars.


Far-sighted eye of the earthly sages

and near-sighted eye of the egocentric ones,

know that I have struggled and lived

through karmic incarnations of the Soul

in poverty of the cyclic social hierarchy

but in rich purity of the Spirit and Consciousness,

never binding the mind and heart

with the ropes of desires and passion

for the perishable richness of the mortal world,

never binding the consciousness

in the ropes of greed, selfishness, and vice,

megalomania, self-distraction, and hunger for power,

ropes of the Great Abyss and Night of Creation.


Know that I have lived and ever-struggle

to hold in the immortal Hands of my Soul

the burden of true Love and Cosmic Cognition,

burden-giving Visions of the Third Eye,

the Giver of self-knowledge and self-realization

that last through lifetimes-incarnations and beyond.

Acknowledge in my cryptic Christograms

written on canvas and sculptures of terra-cotta

that the archetypal Great Mind of Creation

exist within the essence of every one of us

walking the path of the mortal lives.

Though, in the Mind of Creation ever-dwell

Inner Self-Knowledge and Crucible of Life,

Crucible of True Life unifying mortal and immortal, 

unifying us to our most distant ancestor, 

unifying me to you and your future destiny 

through the invisible mysteries-nature of the All. 

© Copyright * 2018 by Anne Furnaris
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