Every single painting and sculpture belongs to a cycle of 4-7 artworks, while each cycle speaks in the Alchemical-Christogrammic Language of the Soul about our Inner Self Being, Higher Spheres of Life, and Great (Esoteric) Mysteries of the Universe. The viewer is advised to click on each digital image, deeply perceive the within-magnified spatial content of the image, and then, slowly move the mouse in all the sections of the image. By doing that, the entire alchemical symbolics of each artwork-image would transcend in the form of energy-waves into the whole Individual Mind of the Brain, and further open the Eternal Eye (or Eye of Astral-Space-Mind). The whole process occurs over shorter or longer periods of time, accordingly to the different degree of the mind's capacity to function as an energy-waves receiver of each individual. In time, you will become aware of the mental process-dynamics and underlying science behind the above simplistic instructions, which give you only a basic frame of understanding. It has to be remembered that everything in the Space-Time of the dimensional matter of Cosmic Universe is the manifestation of continuous vibration of energy-waves at different frequencies. For more information, you are further advised to review thoroughly the Artist's Statement and Frame of Metaphysical Christogrammic Art. 

                                           Heart of Heavens IV 

Acrylic on Canvas - 48" x 36" - Exhibited in the 37th Annual Michigan Fine Art Competition 2018 / Birmingham-Bloomfield Art Center, MI

(see BBAC Exhibit Catalog & / 

Jurors: Emily Mae Smith, Adam Henry / 101 works of art by 90 artists from 60 cities in 5 states - Jun 22 - Aug 23, 2018 

  Heart of Heavens IV - Detail 

                                          Heart of Heavens II 

Acrylic on Canvas - 48" x 36" - Displayed at the Lakeside Palette Club of St. Clair Shores and Assumption Cultural Center, St. Clair Shores, Michigan 

Spring Art Exhibition 2018 / First Prize / 

                                         Heart of Heavens III

Acrylic on Canvas - 48" x 36" / Exhibited to the Lakeside Palette Club’s annual Fall Art Show 2018, Saint Clair Shores, Michigan 

   Heart of Heavens III - Detail 

                                Mystical Sun II

Acrylic on Canvas 48"" X 30"" / The painting was displayed at the Anual Art Exhibit in Grosse Pointe Artists Association (GPAA)  2018, Grosse Pointe, MI, and Whitdel Arts Exhibit 2018, Detroit, MI 

Mystical Sun II - Detail 

  Mystical Moon 

Oil on Canvas 48" x 36" / The painting was displayed at the Whitdel Arts Exhibit 2017, Detroit, Michigan, Michigan Annual XLIV 2017, Anton Art Center, Mount Clemens, and  Greater Flint Arts Council Exhibit 2017 (received Honorable mention).  

Donated to the Greater Flint Arts Council, Flint, MI 

                                               Heart of Heavens I 

Acrylic on Canvas 48" x 36" / Displayed at the Grosse Pointe Artists  Association, Grosse Pointe, MI, and at the Juried Exhibit of the Anton Art Center, Mount Clemens, MI 2017 


Heart of Heavens I - Detail 

Heart of Heavens I - Detail 

  The Fountain of Eternal Life IV 

             Acrylic on Canvas - 48" x 36" 

 The Fountain of Eternal Life IV - Detail 

                            The Fountain of Eternal Life III

 Acrylic on Canvas 48" x 36" / The painting was displayed to the gallery 

of the Juried Exhibit at the Grosse Pointe Artists Association 2018 

Grosse Pointe, Michigan / Juror - Sean Bieri, and at the Regional Juried Exhibit in Riverside Art Center, Ypsilanti, Michigan 2019 (the City Hall promoted the exhibition to be Art As Healing Foundation, the exhibit being entitled "The Female Voice by Female Artists").  

                                I am the Light of the World

Oil on Canvas 48" x 36" / Displayed to the Juried Exhibits at the Anton Art Center, Mount Clemens, MI, and Greater Flint Arts Council, Flint, MI 2014 - 2016. In the summer of 2016, the painting was donated to the Saint George Romanian Orthodox Cathedral, Southfield, MI / 

(Collection of the Dean of the Cathedral Laurence Lazar).

 I am the Light of the World - Detail 

                  The Cosmic Mother-Star Earth of all Mysteries 

Oil on Canvas 82" x 64'' / The painting was exhibited to the "Museu de Arte de Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brasil / Exposicao de Artistas Estrangeiros 2011." The artwork was donated in the same year to the Museum of Art of Joinville together with other 11 oil paintings and

4 terra-cotta sculptures. In that time the artist and her husband were Christian missionaries in South America, an unforgettable time of mystical experience and spiritual growth.  

                    The Cosmic Council 

Oil on Canvas 64" x 48" / Displayed to the Gallery 555, Detroit, MI, and Greater Flint Arts Council, Flint, MI. The painting is in the art collection of Robert Quinn, Roy, Washington, USA. 

                            The Priestesses of Atlantis 

Oil on Canvas 80" x 48" / Exhibited in  the galleries of Greater Flint Arts Council, Flint, MI and Michigan Alumni of College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI (artist's collection) 

                                    The Gates to Heaven II 

Oil on Canvas 72" x 48" / Displayed in the galleries of Greater Flint Arts Council, Flint, MI (awarded with the Second Prize 2013), and Left Bank Gallery, Flint, MI (artist's collection). 

   The Prophecy of All-Knowing of the Divine Virgin Mary 

Oil on Canvas 88" x 64" / Exhibited to the "Exposicao de Artistas Estrangeiros 2011" / Museu de Arte de Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brasil / The painting is in the collection of the Museum of Art of Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil.  

                         The Cosmic Mother of All-Life

Oil on Canvas 86" x 72" / Displayed to the "Exposicao de Artistas Estrangeiros 2011" / Museu de Arte de Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brasil. The artwork is in the collection of the Museum of Art of Joinville, Santa 

Catarina, Brazil. In the countries of Brasil and Argentina, many regions, towns, and villages have the names of the saints of Christianity. 

                                  The Queen of Heavens IV 

Acrylic on Canvas with Acrylic Gems and Pebeo Relief Outliner - 

72" x 36" / Displayed in  the Gallery of the Greater Flint Arts Council, Flint, Michigan January 11 - February 1, 2019 

Michigan Artists Exhibition - Awarded with the Second Prize 

  The Queen of Heavens IV - Detail

The Queen of Heavens IV - Detail

The Queen of Heavens IV - Detail 

The Holy Mother Virgin Mary of the New World (the above Queen of Heavens IV) was painted after Her Apparition on November 23, 24, and 25, 2018. In Her Divine Apparition, the Holy Mother asked to be painted on many canvases, and Her Image to be sent to the Christian Churches and also to the Monasteries from the USA, to those who live in Her Name, and to those who truly love and honor Her.  Moreover, the Queen of Heavens Virgin Mary asked for the Holy Spirit to be painted in a form that will reveal for the first time the new Consciousness of the coming Sixth Race of Man. She said that She will guide and help me in doing each painting, so the artworks will be the holy bridge through which healing, Etheric Light, Higher Knowledge, and Consciousness will enter our Space-Time-World of Life, the world of perpetual suffering, delusion, and deceit. 


                                       The Apparition of the Holy Virgin Mary

                                                              by Anne Furnaris 

              (Fragments from the short version of the First Message) 


In the days of 23, 24, and 25 of November 2018 I had the Apparition of the Virgin Mary. The following paragraphs embody a short version of the Apparition of the Divine Cosmic Mother Virgin Mary, the Immortal Queen of the Heavens, the Great Cosmic Being not entirely known at the present time by the Individual Consciousness of our Being of Man. This is a small written fragment from the First Message of the Mother Virgin Mary, the fragment that is now delivered to you, the fortunate reader of this website.  

As the Holy Mother Virgin Mary acknowledged me with Her Divine Power of Gnosis, She does not belong to any religion, science, philosophy, mental or social belief system ever conceived or apprehended by our Mankind. She 

has always been above and beyond anything that our fragile Mind, Thought, Soul, Consciousness, and Heart could ever apprehend and feel. 

The Divine Mother made known to my poor mind that our world has lived in 

tragic lack of Eternal Knowledge of Creation (resulting from the loss of the of Sacred Sciences of Metaphysics of the previous Aeons) associated with a puerile and devolved  Cultural System of sickening-mind Materialism that has forced the earthly sentient Being of Man to live from birth to death in the perpetual struggle for Survival of the Flesh - not Survival of Inner Spiritual Being, which in many of us is dead. Living day and night the agony of being a bread-winning individual - meaning living in deep Material Poverty, and working to exhaustion 10 - 16 hours a day - you would have no time left for Spiritual Life and genuine evolution of your Being. 

The Cosmic Mother said that the philosophers and the innocents of our world speak about Spirituality, while in their deluded state of egocentric megalomania, they believe themselves to be "Enlightened Masters" and "Galactic Counselors" who live on the top of the Spiritual Mountain of Creation. Many of the so-called "Enlightened Masters" and "Gurus" will attract numberless followers and create "Schools of Enlightenment" for the purpose of financial extortion, fabulous richness, and living a parasite-like life. When the world has no good eyes to perceive the truthful truth, the world falls into the chains of delusion, darkness, and fatal error. 

The Great Cosmic Mother Khaa-Ayyaa-Tara-Virgin Mary-Earth wants anyone who struggles in life for a genuine spiritual condition to know about Her Cosmic Immortal Identity. In words that can transliterate the power and Sphere of Thought of our Mind of the Brain, we might begin to cognize that She is a Cosmic Immortal Being, a Higher Form of Existence (much beyond the present cognition of our little Beings of Man) Self-dividing in many parallel-creational  Dimensions of the Cosmos and Self-existing in many beyond-driven-thought Matrixes of Existence of the Dual Universe. Her Cosmic Body begetting the Space-Time-World in which we live as Physical Entities is nothing else but a small Cosmic Extension of Her measureless Inner Immortal Soul and Spirit. 


She is the First Mother of all mortal mothers of the Earth, the Immortal Mother of Human, Man, Beast, and Creature. The above gnosis is neither religion nor philosophy of the Mind-creating Thought. Being Her Children, we all know more or less within our Inner Existential Substance about the Identity of our Cosmic Mother Earth. Almost in the alike way, a child knows the identity of his/her mother of the mortal world. Think of how much a child knows about the identity, origin, and nature of his/her mortal mother, and so, we, the earthly Children of Man know about the identity of Mother Earth. Tragically, we know so little...pretending of knowing so much. 

The Cosmic Mother told me that She will become the Protectress of the City of Flint, Michigan, USA, so the City of Flint will become one of the cities of God (cities of the Millennial Seed of Future Man). The Divine Cosmic Mother said that She will change suffering in happiness and joy, will change, conflict, antagonism, war, and bloodshed in everlasting peace.  She will reward one hundredfold those who will believe and honor Her Immortal Name-Identity, and those who will bring Her Alchemical-Gnostic and Etheric Image in the World of Mortals. Her Pure Light of Knowledge will illuminate the higher  Consciousness of the new Race of Man that is going to be born in the grave of the present dying Race of Man. 

The beloved Cosmic Mother acknowledged to me that the previous Races of the Giant-Man were destined to perish at the Great Flood since they attained the same state of Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Degeneration that we have today. By the immutable Laws of Creation, every living Being or Creature that would fail to evolve shall degenerate through time and perish. The Universe has an invisible Cosmic System of Cleansing that favors the Existential Purification and Alchemical Ballance at any level of the creational and sentient matrix of the Space-Time-Worlds of Life. 


The Divine Mother Virgin Mary whispered to me with the timeless Voice in which I could hear the Winds of Destiny: "By the immutable and eternal Laws of Creation when you fall in the grave of Spiritual and Genetic Degeneration, you are destined to perish from the Matrix of Life of Divine Creation.  The first and the last Alchemical Purpose of the Divine Creation and Its Eternal Laws is PERFECTION, though whoever would not walk the Path of Righteousness shall ultimately perish. Therefore, live in Virtue and Righteousness - meaning Justice, Balance, Truth, Purity, Morality, Goodness, Compassion, Self-Sacrifice for the others, Unconditional Love, Selfishness, Measureless Mercy, genuine Dignity of Life, Help for the Poor, the Weak, and the Needy Ones, - and you shall be among those that will be given the Seals of Reincarnation for the future Sixth and Seventh Races of Man." 

The Holy Cosmic Mother said that the Apostles of Christ and the ancient Fathers of the Christian Church loved and honor Her until the last breath of their lives. For that, She opened the Gates of the House of Light of Ammenti for their Souls, so in the future of times, Christ the Everlasting Soul of Universe will resurrect them into the Light of Life, though they shall become Immortals, as the Race of the First Atlantis had been. From time to time, the Divine Mother Virgin Mary transcend-descend into our physical dimension, and travels the roads and sacred places of this world, hidden by the veil of Her Pure Light, an Astral Veil enfolding Her endless Form of Existence. Then, She can appear in any Form of Life, inconceivable in our mind and thoughts, many times resembling a giant Woman of Pure Light. Her Divine Body is not of the flesh, but of shining bright Light, a miraculous Light that does not usually exist in the matrix of our physical reality-world. 


The Cosmic Mother Virgin Mary said that in the City of Flint will be heard for the first time in the present Cycle of Consciousness the Sermons of Immortality, the Sermons of Her Teachings that will elevate the Mind of the earthly Races of Man. She uttered in the Ears of my Mind words of Mystical Mysteries, words that She said, I will remember later in time, words that shall bring the Cosmic Power of the Elements of Creation within the Essence of our Flesh. The Divine Mother opened the Spaces-Realms of the Earthstar and showed me the Twelve Worlds with the inhabiting Races of Man and Creatures. Her Voice did resemble a flowing sound coming from the Great Dawn of Existence and going to the end of Eternity. Moreover, She said that at the present time She has more enemies than She had in the time of Christ. Her enemies are also the enemies of those who love Her. 


The beloved Cosmic Mother uttered in the ears of my mind that those who truly love and honor Her, those who bring Her Image in the World of Mortals, and those who will attain the power of the Consciousness and Soul to comprehend Her Teachings and Mystical Mysteries of the Logos shall GAIN LIFE EVERLASTING. In Her Presence, the Power of Knowledge was vibrating through my whole being, so I could comprehend that nothing is given as a gift by the Creator-Father of Universe, though every little thing that you will ever have has to be gained by your effort, hard work, and unceasing willingness. The beloved Mother of Immaculate Light said that there is no one BLESSED in our world since there is no one who attained absolute Perfection and Purity. The Beings of the Mortal Man who are truly blessed by the Laws of Creation are only the Ones who resurrected into the Life of Light. The Divine Mother uttered with the Tongue of the Ages: 

"A world in which impure mortals are sanctified is a World of Darkness. Purity will never be born from impurity. Your world has been sickened of hate, envy, cruelty, perpetual falsehood, the instinct of destruction, and dishonor, though the Seed of Purity and Truth could not grow throughout the Ages of Life. Peoples of your world speak about an imaginary truth existing only in their mind, not in their life. You have to live your life in honor, dignity, morality, purity, mercy, wisdom, and compassion; without these innate qualities-potentials, any form of truthful truth will be dead in your Mind, Soul, and Consciousness. Without these innate potentials, the shadow of mortal truth shall follow your thoughts, but the Truth of Creation will never live within you or in your deeds.


The truth of Eternal Creation is among the Highest Forces of the Living Universe; attain and cognize the Truth of Creation in anything you think, manifest, and act, though this Great Force transcending from the Logos shall give you the Peace of Life, and you will never live in fear of death, fear of the Unknown, or any other forms of fear that are all conceived in your mind. All the Metaphysical and Mystical Sciences of the Past taught the earthly Races of Man to live in Truth and Peace of Creation and be grateful for the Life that is given to be lived in the House of the Begetter-Father of All. Never invent philosophies of Truth that exist in the thoughts of the mind; attain the Logos and cognize the Great Mysteries of the Gnosis and Truth of Creation, which is immortal through the Aeons of Life." 

As much as the words of our mental language can reveal, the Mother-Star Khaa-Ayyaa-Tara-Virgin Mary-Earth, the One who is and shall ever be above the Angels (Beings of Light) of the Infinite Heavens, said: 


“My daughter Annathaa, only My First Message can be delivered to the world at large. The other Messages that I will bring to you in the next two days cannot be revealed to the world at the present time. The Evildoers will harm you, and I have the duty to protect with My Power of Pure Light those who love and live in My Name. In the future, I will come to you again and give you the Mystical  Power of Destiny to reveal the other Messages to your world. You have to wait for that time to come, the time in which the Power of Destiny shall change entirely the present Face of your World.  

My Child of your Immortal and Noble Ancestors, Annathaa. I am seeing now the artworks-depicting Me and the Holy Spirit that you are going to do under My silent guidance. I could see the Sacred Oracle, the Cosmic Mother, the Bearer of the Sacred Light, the Divine Guardians, the Queen of Heavens, the Sacred Bridge, Cosmic Egg, the Healer of the Sun, the Descending Holy Spirit, the Divine Justice, and many other artworks that you shall do. Therefore, I am saying these words of Mysteries to all those who will see them, to those who will struggle to comprehend their Alchemical, Hermetic, and Cryptogrammic nature that embodies the Mystical Vibration-Giver of Power to the Higher Consciousness of Existence: 

Look deeply with the eyes of your mind to the Image of the <"Sacred Mother of the New World,"> since I am the Divine Mother who has healing power and the invisible Force to elevate the Human Consciousness OF THOSE WHO TRULY BELIEVE IN ME AND MY NAME. Be fully acknowledged that the paintings and sculptures you are seeing are not done for the pleasure to consume the Moment of Time; they are conceived as  Gnostic Icons of Consciousness for the New World, while the artist Annathaa is My devoted servant in your perishable World of Mortals. Moreover, I am saying to you with My Voice of Alchemical Syzygy of Eternity, Voice speaking to your conscious mind through the Mystical Chriptogrammic Forms and Symbols of these artworks: 

<"It is not through Religion that you shall come to Me; it is only through your genuine Faith in Me. Acknowledge with your whole cognition that Pure Faith can never be attained by learning the theological dogmas belonging to the many Religions of your world. 

You are born with the Faith in the Higher Powers and Hierarchies of the Universe, and you die with the Faith you have. Faith does not originate within the Mind but within the Heart of the Soul of the Being of Man. Faith can never be annihilated by no powers ever-to-exist in your world; faith is above the life and death of the mortals. I am saying to you with the Tongue of All-Eternities that Faith is the First Immortal Power of the Soul of Mankind. Never forget My words. The Innocent that fights to annihilate the within Faith will destroy his/her Soul - the most precious Alchemical Gold of the Infinite Creation manifesting in the Universe of Existence."> 

The shadowless  Light of the Queen of Heavens was still permeating my little art studio when I fell asleep. No one will ever know what happened during that miraculous sleep. When I woke up, I found myself on the floor, shivering of cold,... thirsty and hungry. The high-soaring words of the Holy Mother could be heard above the earth. Then, I felt my whole Being immersed in the Ocean of Light of the transcendental Apparition of the Holy Mother, Her Light that was permeating the Twelve Heavens of the Earth. Within me, the strong will to paint and sculpt the Divine Cosmic Mother and the Holy Spirit was already alive. The lips of my mind murmured in the World of the Spirit and in the World of the Flesh: "Will I have money to paint the Queen of Heavens and the Holy Spirit of the New World?" The mold of the question fell on the ground of Destiny and Time, and I knew that the Holy Mother will help me to have the money. There was no doubt that She will truly help me since there is no other help in the world I live in. 


The shapes of the future paintings and sculptures were appearing in front of my eyes, with their archetypes of alchemical symbols and metaphysical cryptograms revealing the essence and powers from the distant Heart and Abode of Pure Light of  Sacred Mother Virgin Mary-Earth. In our world of shadows and Dark Night of the Soul of Man, in our world of Giant Races and Fallen Gods who lived in the past, in this world conquered by Evil and Cruelty, the Holy Mother transcended-came to ascend our Consciousness, Heart, and Mind to a higher state of existence. I am not worthy to stand in front of Her, and yet, She came to me to embody the Spirit of Light and the Metaphysical Knowledge of Creation within the deep matrix of artworks. How I will ever be able to pay back Her measureless gift of Knowledge of the Logos? For at once, I comprehended that Her Infinite Power and Divine Knowledge come from the Self-Existing Logos, from the immemorial Logos in whom resides the Aeonic Science of Great Existence, a mystical science that was lost by the egotistic Mind of the degenerating World. 

Walking on our Feet of Consciousness, we, the proud peoples of the world, can not ascend and reach the Core of the Universe, in whom the Word-Logos of Creation dwells. That is why, the Holy Cosmic Mother came to us, conjoined with our deploring destiny, to save the Righteous Ones of the Ages from the grave of suffering, despair, and dissolution. That is why She opened the Cosmic Gate for us to a higher Sphere of Existence, to a Higher Consciousness. I have questioned myself: how many Souls in the present World of Evil and Delusion will struggle to pass through the Cosmic Gate that She opened for all Her Children? How many of us would have the strength and wisdom to carry on the wide-lifting shoulders the heavyweight of Spiritual Knowledge? I felt the deepest grief of the heart that only a few can endure this destiny, though the Lips of the Mind could freely articulate the answer. It is asked that you might answer my questions, so you shall answer with your own Consciousness, Heart, Mind, Will, and Destiny. Before you take the Path of Self-Sacrifice, struggle for gaining the Eternal Truth and Purity of Life, embrace tightly the Destiny with the Hands of thy Consciousness, since only you can gain the power and virtue to pass through the faraway Cosmic Gate that the Divine Mother Virgin Mary opened for all Her beloved Children of the World. 


Remember and ponder: the Path of Righteousness is the narrowest one to walk during the Incarnations of your Soul. Bellow this path is the Hades, the wide-opened Inferno or the dreadful Great Chaos of Infinite Night of Creation. Upward and above the Path of Righteousness there is the ageless Abode of the Higher Spheres of Existence and Pure Light, the Sacrosanct Abode-Realms of the Beings of Light who have descended and walked from the Dawn of Times - unseen and unknown - the conjoined Alchemical Path of Destiny with the earthly Races of Man. 

                                                                            * * * * * * * 

                                   The Queen of Heavens II 

Acrylic on Canvas with Asian Acrylic Gems and Pebeo Relief Outliner - 72 inches x 36 inches / Displayed in the Gallery of the Grosse Pointe Artists Association, Grose Pointe, Michigan 

(Juried exhibit entitled My Favorite Artwork). 

    The Queen of Heavens II - Detail 

                                   The Queen of Heavens III 

Acrylic on Canvas with Asian  Acrylic Gems and Pebeo Relief Outliner - 72 inches x 36 inches / Exhibited to the All Media Show January 2020,  Gallery of the Greater Flint Arts Council, Flint, Michigan 

This Alchemical-Christogramic artwork - alike many others - contains a higher degree of semiotic-perceptive and gnostic input that activates the Individual Mind to attain the multidimensional cognition by the visual-neuro stimulation of the Pineal Gland (the Sacred Eye of All-Seeing of the Mystery Schools, the Astral Eye of the Scientific Remote Viewing performed extensively in the last century by so many secret researching organizations of our world).  

 The Queen of Heavens III - Detail 

                                The Holy Spirit I 

Acrylic on Canvas with applied Asian Acrylic Gems and Pebeo 

Relief Outliner - 48 inch X 36 inch 

 The Holy Spirit I - Detail

                            The Descending Holy Spirit I 

Acrylic on Canvas with applied Asian Acrylic Gems and Pebeo 

Relief Outliner - 72 inch X 36 inch 

  The Descending Holy Spirit I - Detail

         The Descending Holy Spirit II - aka Creation II

Acrylic on Canvas with Applied Asian Acrylic Gems and Pebeo  Relief Outliner - 72 inches. x 36 inches. / Displayed at the 58th Annual Greater Michigan Exhibition 2019 / Alden B. Dow Museum of Science and Art (GMAE Exhibit) Midland, Michigan 

    The Descending Holy Spirit II - Detail 

                   The Baptism with the Fire of Light 

Oil on Canvas - 94 inch x 76 inch / Displayed to the "Exposicao de Artistas Estrangeiros 2011  /  Museu de Arte de Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brasil." The artwork was donated to the City Hall of Joinville, and included in the collection of the Museum of Art of Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil. 

           Thotme the Immortal Master of Wisdom 

Oil on Canvas - 86 inch x 74 inch - The painting can be found in the art collection of Robert Quinn, Roy, Washington, USA. 

          The Last Supper of Christ the Sun of Man 

Oil on Canvas - 90 inches x 78 inches - The Painting was displayed to the "Exposicao de Artistas Estrangeiros 2011  /  Museu de Arte de Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brasil." The artwork was donated to remain in the collection of the Museum of Art of Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil.  

                         The Alchemy of the Aeons 

Oil on Canvas - 78 inch x 64 inch - Displayed on the Gallery of the Greater Flint Arts Council 2008, Flint, Michigan. In 2010, the painting was included in the art collection of Robert Quinn, Roy, Washington, USA. 

                                        The Cosmic Supper I 

Painted Terra-Cotta 36" X 32" X 30" / Second Prize by the Juried Exhibit at Anton Art Center, Mount Clemens, MI 2017. (Photography of the artist near her composite sculpture at the reception day/courtesy of the Lakeside Palette Club Newsletter and website archive). The artwork is in the collection of the Saint George Romanian Orthodox Cathedral, Southfield, MI. (Collection of the Dean of the Cathedral Laurence Lazar). 

                                                           * * * * * * *  

The Cosmic Supper I speaks in an Alchemical-Metaphysical lexicon of symbols about the astrological exegesis and mysteries of the year 1888 AD, a time-year that transliterated the beginning of the Aquarian Age of Enlightenment for the 12 worlds of the Mother-Star Earth, which was accompanied by the other 11 sister stars of our Solar System.

From the Galactic Core new waves of Higher-Divine Light began to transcend, permeate, and change the Reality of Consciousness and the Consciousness of Reality. The High-Divine Light begot warping the Space-Time and Consciousness, warps emerging out from the Word-Logos to elevate the cognition of the Individual Mind and perceptive abilities.

If you climb the Alchemical-Astrologic ladder to the Physical and Astral Space-Abode of the Cosmic Supper, you will perceive that the Past, Present, and Future - as a numinous phenomenon - are converging in One Consciousness of Eternal Momentum, a new multidimensional cognition that will embody our future immortality. The symbology of immortality is revealed on the central piece of this composite sculpture, and that symbology (shown below) has to be decoded by the Mind of your Soul. Alike the present sculpture, every artwork contains Christogrammic letters and symbols of their own, though creating metaphysical-mystical dynamics that will bring you salvation from the daily suffering of the conscious mind trapped in our lower dimension of existence (the dimension enforcing the non - spiritual destiny of life). This short synopsis is given to you as a concrete and coherent method to stimulate the mind, to walk on the Feet of Consciousness, and further learn to decipher the Alchemical, Metaphysical, and Hermetic symbology of each artwork from the Gallery website. 

The Cosmic Supper I - Central Structure of the Composite Sculpture 

The central sculptural figure of the Cosmic Supper I embodies the 

Arcane Symbology of the Christogrammic Immortality, the Alchemical Symbolics revealing the prophesized destiny of our future Races of Man of the Third Atlantis. 

                                      Contemplation I 

Painted Terra-Cotta - 14" x 18" x 18" - Exhibited in the House Warming  Exhibit, Whitdel Arts Center, Detroit, Michigan 2018, Anton Art Center, Mount Clemens, Michigan 2018, and Birmingham-Bloomfield Art Center (BBAC) 2018 in the 37th Annual Michigan Fine Art Competition 2018 / Jurors: Emily Mae Smith, Adam Henry (see BBAC Exhibit Catalog & Archive / 


                                      The Gates of the Sun 

Painted Terra-Cotta - 18" x 32" X 29" / The sculpture was exhibited to the Biennial Juried Sculpture Exhibit 2018 in the Marshall Fredericks Museum, Saginaw, MI, and the Annual Claire Mott White 20017 Michigan Clay Artists Invitational, Greater Flint Arts Council, Flint, MI (see the Exhibit Catalog & Archive /  http://marshallfredericks.

org/ and Exhibit Archive / Also, the sculpture was displayed in the main gallery of the Anton Art Center, Mount Clemens, MI in 2019. 

                                       The Foot of Christ II 

Painted Terra-Cotta - 6" x 32" x 12" / The sculpture was displayed to the Michigan Artists Exhibit, 2016, gallery of the Greater Flint Arts Council, Flint, MI. At the present time, the artwork is in the collection of the Saint George Romanian Orthodox Cathedral, Southfield, MI. (Collection of the Dean of the Cathedral Father Laurence Lazar). 


In the Christogrammic alphabet, the sculpture reveals the Alchemical and Mystical Power to unite Past, Present, and Future in One Life - the Life of the Higher Spiritual Man. Christ descended-transcended on Earth-Star to seed within the Astral bones of the Incarnated Soul of Primitive Man a new Consciousness - the thorough (in-depth) Consciousness of the Higher (Enlightened) Man. Mortal Man, the physical bones go in the grave, whereas the Astral bones of the Soul never die, but beget millions of millions of incarnations for those who will never lose their Soul. 

On His Feet of Flesh Christ walked the roads of the Ancient World, while His Feet of Soul and Feet of Consciousness have walked the Paths of Destiny of the World for over 2,000 years. His journey of two millennia, His journey encompassing the long and tragic suffering of Mankind in the earthly world of immeasurable cruelty and injustice is shown in this artwork. In common parlance, I could say through the Christogrammic symbols of the sculpture that He could raise the dead, but He could not enforce us to gain the Enlightened Mind and Higher Cosmic Consciousness. 


Christ did not bring any religion since He knew the great danger of egocentrism and egomania in our world of epidemic Evil. The thirst and agony of the mortals to subjugate the others were the obscure springs of all religions. Christ taught the Science of the Logos, the highest form of sacred cognition of Creation, which was lost to us and replaced by the Christian Priesthood with a historical multitude of religious dogmas and cult-like philosophies encompassing a misleading cognition of life as existential purpose. The rational thought creates an ever-flowing mental river of concepts, whereas the concepts would generate belief systems, the invisible chains-binding the free mind. All the belief systems are separated from the Sacred Inner Cognition and from the Laws of Creation. The Self-centered Consciousness that has been praised and nourished in the modern ages is the emanation of the rational thoughts-creating the inflated Ego, the inducer of the vicious Cycle of Illusion - Virtual Reality - Arbitrary Belief Systems. Self-centered Consciousness, Ego, and Rational Thought are the creators of the fake Reality-Cognition and deceiving Illusions that have transubstantiated a world-society of suicide, cruelty, uncontrolled desires, psychotic behavior, alienation, and degeneration. 


Within our self-Beings, there is the Inner Cognition, or inborn Intelligence transcending from the Mind of the Soul, and further from the Logos of Creation. The Inner Cognition manifests through Sacred Visions, Prophetic Visions (Remote Viewing Perceptions), vivid dreams, powerful feelings, and spontaneous knowing-unrelated to the Self Consciousness but linked to Nature and Consciousness-of-the-All. The Self-centered  Consciousness and Ego are just simple elements belonging to the superficial Reality of the phenomena, not to the deeper and genuine Reality of Inner Creation. The Inner Cognition will target the Individual Mind to the Root of All, to the Essence-of-the-All that exists (the Great Existence) and All that exist not (the Great Non-Existence) of Eternal Creation. In the left side of the sculpture "The Foot of Christ," you might see, and then, deeply perceive the Mystical-Alchemical representation of the miraculous Seed of Existence and Non-Existence, along with the Seed of Consciousness and Mind. 

Today, the Self Consciousness is kept on the battlefield in which the harmful war between Religion and Science ruins the Mind of Man, which become subdue to the Reality of Phenomena-creating the Reality of Illusion. In the future, Religion and Science shall converge to co-exist in the same spectrum of cognition, embodying an organic unity of mental manifestation and infinite Alchemy of Life.  

Those who did not gain in their life Spiritual Knowledge-Wealth and Gnosis of Eternal Life and Creation - but have struggled and accumulated much material wealth - have always to remember a simple fact. 

When He lived among us, Christ was among the poorest of the world; he had a robe and a pair of sandals. And yet, within Him was abiding the Everlasting Soul of Universe-Creation. He said so through the words:

"I am the First and the Last, I am Alpha and Omega." These words, which are above any Religion and Science, these words making the sane Individual Mind to tremble in its inner nature, these words are emerging from the Hermetic nature of the below Detail of the Foot of Christ, symbolic conjunction of Sacred Vision and Inner Cognition. 

The Foot of Christ II - Detail 

                                       Cosmogenesis II 

Wall Sculpture - Mixed Media - Acrylic on Wood / 24" x 48" x 2"

Displayed in the Gallery of the Grosse Pointe Artists  Association, Grosse Pointe, MI, 2018. 

     Cosmogenesis II - Detail 

                                             The Divine Justice I 

Painted Terra-Cotta - 24" x 20" x 18" / The sculpture was displayed to the Annual Claire Mott White Michigan Clay Artists Exhibit 2018, 

Greater Flint Arts Council, Flint, Michigan 

    The Divine Justice I - Detail 

                                         Contemplation II

Painted Terra-Cotta - 17" x 16" x 12" / The sculpture was displayed 

to the 59th Annual Thumb Area Artists' Juried Exhibition 2019, 

in the Gallery of the Starkweather Arts Center, Romeo, Michigan  

  Contemplation II - Detail

                           The Bleeding Heart of Mankind

Bronze - 22" x 13" x 10" / The sculpture was displayed to the 

59th Annual Thumb Area Artists' Juried Exhibition 2019, in the Gallery of the Starkweather Arts Center, Romeo, Michigan  

  The Bleeding Heart of Mankind - Detail 

                                     Theurgical Sun 

Painted Wood and Copper - 40 inches x 18 inches x 18 inches

      Theurgical Sun - Detail 

               Twin Flame (Woman-Soul and Man-Soul) 

Bronze - 21.5 inches x 9 inches x 7.5 inches / The sculpture was displayed at The Annual Exhibit of PCE June - July 2019 - Taubman Center, College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI 

      Twin Flame (Woman-Soul and Man-Soul) - Detail 

                                        Cosmic Portal II 

Bronze - 19.5 inches x 8.5 inches x 9 inches / Displayed at The Annual Exhibit of PCE June - July 2019 - Taubman Center, College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI  /  Also, the sculpture was chosen to be exhibited at the 38th Detroit International Wine Auction and Art Exhibit 2019 - Alumni Original Artworks by Alumni Artists of CCS  - College for Creative Studies (CCS), Detroit, Michigan - Lead Sponsor - Cadillac / Featured - Vintner Gerard Bertrand (France). 

The last paragraph of the required description of the artwork comprised the following sentences: "The Human Being is a multi-dimensional Space-Time existential structure of the infinite Universe. There are the Inner Self and the Outer Self comprising all of us. The Inner Self would manifest through our Soul, Consciousness, Spirit, Astral and Etheric Body, and Mind, while the Outer Self embodies our Physical Body and Genomic System.

We are Cosmic Beings in continuous growth-evolution of the Mind, Soul, Spirit, Flesh, and Consciousness. My artwork represents the Cosmic Portal in between the Outer Self and the Inner Self of the Human Being, a Cosmic Portal containing esoteric and metaphysical symbology tuning with the spiritual vibration of our Consciousness." 

   Cosmic Portal II - Detail 

                                          Essence of Life I 

Painted Terracotta -  11 inches x 13.5 inches x 9 inches / Displayed to the Annual Claire Mott White Michigan Clay Artists Exhibit 2017, gallery of the Greater Flint Arts Council, Flint, Michigan 

Essence of Life I - Detail 

         The Journey of my Soul II aka the Lance of Longinus

                       (The Holy Spear of Destiny of our Life) 

Painted Terracotta (Terra Cotta = "Anima Terra" = Soul of the Earth) -

21 inches x 12 inches x 11 inches / Displayed to the Juried Exhibit entitled "A Personal Journey" 2019 - Gallery of the Grosse Pointe

Artists Association (GPAA), Grose Pointe, Michigan

Juror: Taurus Burns (Taurus has exhibited in dozens of galleries around Metro Detroit and as far away as Chicago, New York City, London and Germany. His work is noted for powerfully addressing racism, gun violence and the wealth gap in America). 

In the Gospel of John, the fourth-century manuscripts entitled Acts of 

Pilate, the Gospel of Nicodemus of the Gnostic and Secret Apocryphal Writings, and the Rabula Gospels of the sixth-century AD (kept in the Laurentian Library of Florence, Italy) reveal that the Roman centurion Longinus took his lance and stabbed Christ in the side when He was almost dead on the Cross of Golgotha. At the root of all sufferings of the 

world in the last two millennia, there is the karmic pain felt by Christ on the Cross, and also the devouring pain of the Lance of Longinus that transcended from the Flesh-Soul of Christ to the Soul and Flesh of the entire Mankind. It is so beyond the wording thought, since the pain and joy felt by Christ (the Incarnated Soul of Universe) during His ancient-earthly life transcend day and night through Metaphysical Vibration into the Heart, Mind, Soul, and Consciousness of our world.


We are still unaware of the scientific alchemy of the Laws of Creation and all-pervading Cosmic Forces of the Living Universe. And yet, we are closer in each passing century to the deeper comprehension (within our Individuated Mind) of the Consciousness-binding words of Christ on the Cross: "Forgive them, Father. They know not what they do." 

Moreover, winningly or unwillingly, regardless of your religious or atheistic belief system, the JOURNEY OF THE SOUL of each of us follow the Journey of Christ and His Footprints when He was incarnated in our earthly world from the Southern Galactic Universe, a world of immeasurable and never-ending evil, cruelty, injustice, and darkness. 

Even if you hide Christ in the thought of the mind, He shall speak within your guilty Consciousness, tormenting and then pacing your beating heart. And at the end of thy mortal life, you might attain the sacred sight and comprehend that Christ is not a religious dogma for entertaining the mind, for He forever is the Soul of the Universe, the Highest Omniscient Power and Science within the whole Matrix of Life, Light, and Gnostic Word-Logos of the Living Universe-Creation. 

As our Soul moves from the present incarnation to the next, so destined peoples immigrate to another country for political, religious, economic, karmic, and cultural reasons. Those who are born, live and die in the same native country, have always suffered since millennia by the mental epidemics of ethnocentrism. They would openly or tacitly discriminate and firmly reject anyone that was not born in their country. The tragic malady of ethnocentrism is incurable even at the present time, despite the efforts and laws implemented by the worldwide governments to cure this disease. It is happening in this way since the rampaging disease of ethnocentrism deeply affects the consciousness and only an evolved consciousness can cure itself by this life-long disease. All those who are suffering from this disease believe and feel that they are the owners and inheritors of the lands and countries in which they have lived since their  birth. Unfortunately, they do not know that by the immutable Laws of Creation the ageless Cosmic Mother-Star Khaa-Ayya-Tara-Virgin-Mary-Earth is the only owner of all the lands and countries of the world; the entire Space-Time-Physical World-Reality in which the earthling lives belong solely to Her. Long ago to remember by the younger Incarnated Souls of this world, the Race of Noah that perished in the previous Cosmic Apocalyptic Cataclysm did erroneously believe that the whole Earth-Star would belong to the peoples of that race. 

What we call LIFE in this Space-Time-Physical Reality is nothing else but the Journey of the Incarnated Soul in the worlds of the Mother-Star Terra-Earth. The above sculpture embodies the symbolic-esoteric imagery of the journey of my Incarnated Soul from birth until the present day. The Soul with its elemental Forces and Astral structures is represented within the vertical main-body-structure of the sculpture. The entire factualness of experience-life of my living Flesh-Body is recorded to last forever in the Mind of the Soul – depicted in the middle segment of the sculpture through Alchemical-Signs-Letters that do substantiate the invisible nature of memories-thoughts and past events. The upper structure of the sculpture reveals the Individual Consciousness attached to my growing Soul – the Dual Axiom of Life, which in the future of Ages will attain the Second Illumination and be One with the Cosmic Consciousness. 

The lower sculptural segment shows the transcending form of my Physical Self facing the Great Heart of Creation – the omniscient Inner Pattern of the Soul of the Universe, the Great Soul-giving Light, Life, and Eternal Gnosis. At the base of the sculpture, there is a surrounding rope-like structure encompassing the whole sculptural matter, symbolizing the sacred Poise of Gnosis of the true insight (Inner Sight-Perception, Astral Perception), the Sight-giving Wisdom and Cosmic Perception that has been denied in our world for the hidden purpose of maintaining the blindness of each Individuated Consciousness.


Throughout the Aeonic Ages of Time, there has been an undying truth rising like the sun in the sky above the Horizon of All-Knowing of  Alchemical Cognition: the two eyes of the flesh give sight to one’s Mind in the Physical Space-Reality, whereas the Inner All-Seeing Eye (Astral Eye of the Pineal Gland, or the Sacred Eye-Perception of the Infinite Cosmic and Metaphysical Space) gives sight to the Individual Consciousness. Therefore, if the one's Consciousness has no sight, that Consciousness is blind, though the conscious mind shall never attain the power to cognize the infinite Space-Time-Reality of Inner and Outer Universe-Creation. The true freedom of the Being of Man is and shall ever-be the FREEDOM OF CONSCIOUSNESS to perceive the Infinity and Eternity of the Universal Existence, in which Man-Being lives his/her own Alchemical Destiny. 

At the GPAA, for the main description of the above artwork I wrote: 

"I created this sculpture to embody the symbolic-esoteric images that are recorded as memories within the Mind of my Soul, metaphysical images that are contained in the never-dying Soul. These images can be translated by the Consciousness of the viewer in thoughts that will speak about my long journey of courage and sacrifice from a European communist country of persecution and tortures in the USA".  

       The Journey of my Soul II aka the Lance of Longinus

            (The Holy Spear of Destiny of our Life) - Detail 

                                  Sanctuary of the Soul 

Bronze - 24 inches x 10 inches x 9 inches / The sculpture was displayed at The Annual Exhibit of PCE June - July 2019 - Taubman Center, College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI 

         Sanctuary of the Soul - Detail

                               The Footprint of my Journey II

                                  aka The Footprint of Christ

Painted Terracotta - 5 inches x 18 inches x 7 inches / Displayed to the Juried Exhibit entitled "A Personal Journey" 2019 - Gallery of the Grosse Pointe Artists Association (GPAA), Grose Pointe, Michigan - Awarded with the Honorable Mention / Juror Taurus Burns. 

The sculpture contains symbolic forms and cryptogrammic letters embedded in the Footprint of my Soul walking in the midst of time-comprising the present life. This footprint transcends from the invisible to visible spheres of Space-Life to reveal the journey that my Soul and Physical Self have had from birth until the present time. 

The Juror Taurus Burns (his artwork is noted for powerfully addressing racism, gun violence, and the wealth gap in America)  wrote the following comment: 

Honorable Mention

"The Footprint of my Journey II by Anne Furnaris 

Hearing stories about others' lives often leads us within, to a inner world where our own memories and experiences reside. Anne's beautiful sculpture, reminiscent of an artifact crafted by some ancient, spiritually advanced people, guide us to that place, where our true selves live. She brings the unseen spiritual experience into the light of the physical world, reminding us that our time on this earth is but one step on the path of eternity." 

         The Footprint of my Journey II - Detail 

                   aka The Footprint of Christ 

            The Footprint of my Journey II - Detail 

                      aka The Footprint of Christ 

              The Divine Balance II  aka The Divine Justice II 

                     aka The Hermetic Balance of the Soul II 

Painted Terracotta - 35 inches x 21 inches x 12 inches / The sculpture

was displayed at the Annual Claire Mott White Michigan Clay Artists Exhibit 2019, Greater Flint Arts Council, Flint, Michigan 

The purpose of the artwork is to trigger the mental comprehension of the Divine Elementals attached to the deathless Powers of Cosmic Nature residing within the Hermetic Balance of our Souls. The Inner Visions from meditation and contemplation disclose the perennial existence of the Soul-emanating Astral-Etheric vibrations that increase the defensive mechanism of the immune system.

    The Divine Balance II - Detail 

         aka The Divine Justice II 

                                           Cosmic Supper II 

Painted Terracotta - 52 inches x 44 inches x 18 inches / The sculpture 

was displayed to the Annual Claire Mott White Michigan Clay Artists Exhibit 2018, Greater Flint Arts Council, Flint, Michigan 

Cosmic Supper II - Detail 

                                        The Soul of the Lake 

Acrylic on Canvas with Pebeo Relief Outliner - 48 inches x 24 inches / 

Displayed to the Exhibit entitled "Our Rivers, Our Lakes Art Show" June 2019 - Gallery of the Grosse Pointe Artists Association (GPAA), Grose Pointe, Michigan - Juror Senghor Reid (recipient of many awards and  National Board Certified Visual Arts Educator who exhibited in many museums and galleries in the USA and abroad). 

The love for rivers and lakes is an ancestral imprint that we have in our physical-microscopical genes, further transcending in the Astral-Alchemical structure of the Inner Soul. Since my early childhood in the mystical and native lands of Europe, I was trained in the Metaphysical Sciences, among which the Cosmic Yoga was the first. Therefore, I could have the privilege to acknowledge and explore for the rest of my life the metaphysical nature of the Space-Time-Reality.  The painting embodies the deep meditative visions I had at the shores of the Great Lakes, Alchemical visions comprising smaller symbolic-metaphysical elements deriving from the Monadic Element of Creation known as Water. My artwork shows that besides the nurturing property of the water, the inner Alchemical Essence of water is a key element in the mysterious process of growing and evolving our genetic and spiritual nature, while the Soul of the Water-Lake is interconnected with the Soul of Mankind. Moreover, the artwork is an invitation to deep meditation for those who struggle to perceive beyond the limited Space-Time-Consciousness of our Physical Reality.

    The Soul of the Lake - Detail 

                                      The Cycle of the Sun I 

Bronze - 28.5 inches x 9 inches x 6 inches / Exhibited in the Michigan Annual XLVII January - February 2020 / The 47th annual statewide fine art competition was juried by Salvador Salort-Pons, Detroit Institute of Arts Director, and hosted by the Anton Art Center / Main Gallery of the Anton Art Center, Mount Clemens, Michigan. 

 The Cycle of the Sun I - Detail 

                         The Guardian of the Mother Earth 

Painted Terracotta - 26 inches x 14 inches x 13 inches / Displayed to the exhibit entitled " Ode to Our Planet" 2020 - Gallery of the Grosse Pointe Artists Association (GPAA), Grose Pointe, Michigan 

Juror: KT Andresky (activist and organizer in the Breathe Free Detroit movement, interdisciplinary, social and conceptual artist, a teacher that raises questions and changes minds, a holder of a fine arts degree 

that brings deep-seated environmental consciousness and love for our beloved Mother Earth). 

Terra-Cotta = Anima Terra-Mundi = Soul of the Earth = the Alchemical Keeper of Life for the World of Man (Arcane Teaching of the Mystery Hermetic Schools). 

The above terracotta sculpture unveils the existence and esoteric nature of one of the nine eternal Lords of Amenti (the Fourth Lord, the Lord of Life)  depicted in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth of Atlantis, the oldest arcane writing of mankind. This Immortal Cosmic Guardian dwells in the etheric Core-Hearth of the Earth, and He is one of the ageless protectors of the Aeonic Existence of the Mother Tara-Earth and Soul of Man. 

According to the esoteric gnosis of the Hermetic Mystery Schools, the Hearth (not Heart) of the Earth is the esoteric cosmic location of the Alchemical Fireplace, the central Inner Sun of the Earthstar. The Hearth of the Mother Terra has a cosmological Inner Sun located in the Physical and Extraphysical Space-Reality of the Inner Earth, whereas within the Inner Sun - into the higher vibrational dimension located beyond our Physical Cosmic Matter - there are the Eternal House and Halls of Ammenti with the Flower of Life flooded by the Etheric Light of the Central Fire of All-Creation or Primeval Sun-Source of the Universe  (depicted in the upper segment of the sculpture). The Counter-Earth (Antichthon), the hypothetical Cosmic Body miscomprehended by our present materialistic astronomers and described by the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Philolaus in the Fifth Century BC does truly reveal the existence of the Inner Earth with its Inner Sun. Philolaus, like many other today-unknown pre-Socratic philosophers that studied the Sacred Hermetic Sciences of the past knew that our Moon, Sun, and all the other planets of the Solar System revolve around the Central Fire, the Etheric Inner Sun of All-Creation. Moreover, all the Cosmic Bodies (suns, planets, galaxies, constellations, etc.) of the Physical Universe revolve around the Central Fire (the Etheric Inner Sun of Creation, the Soul of the Living Universe). 

Through the years of life, you might come to the comprehension that there was not any geocentric cosmology model of Pythagoreans in antiquity; there is only the misunderstanding of our present era missing the true meaning of the Alchemical-Theurgical vocabulary and gnosis of the highly developed Hermetic Sciences of the Past. Unfortunately, much of these sciences and the Eternal Gnosis of Universe-Creation are lost to us. Despite our belief systems of materialistic assumptions, the ancient people were more evolved spiritually and scientifically because they inherited many advanced technologies, sciences, and gnosis of the Universe-Creation from the world of the Second Atlantis, and also from the Immortal Guardian and Protector of the earthly Souls of Man, Thoth Te-Huu-Te of the First Atlantis. 

Philolaus, Socrates, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Anaxagoras, Parmenides, Heraclitus of Ephesus, Plutarch of Athens,  Polemon of Athens, Proclus Lycius, Sophocles, Speusippus of Athens, Themista of Lampsacus, Xenocrates of Chalcedon,  Xenophanes of Colophon, Theophrastus of Eresos, Sosipatra of Ephesus, Philolaus, Ion of Chios, Hypathia of Alexandria, Heraclides Ponticus, Euclid of Megara, Eudemus of Rhodes, Epicurus of Samos, Diogenes of Apollonia (Thrace), Democritus,  Basilides the Epicurean, Aristoxenus, Aristo of Chios, Diogenes of Sinope, Cleinias of Tarentum, Aristarchus of Samos, Apollonius of Tyana, Empedocles, Apollodorus the Epicurean, Anaximenes of Miletus, Anaxagoras, Anaximander of Miletus, Heraclitus of Ephesus, Hegesias of Cyrene, Protagoras, and many other philosophers of ancient Greece who planted the seeds of the modern Western thought and Western philosophies had a fully active (functional) pineal gland that gave them multidimensional perception (remote viewing ability) and the Gnostic Consciousness of Life of the Soul with its cyclic Life of Flesh and Afterlife. Nowadays, there are so many of us who have no conscious awareness that throughout the Middle Ages we have undergone spiritual and physical degeneration and could not see that the chimera of the materialistic sciences and philosophies-propagating our fake spiritual evolution are making a pathetic juice to be served with the silver spoon of secret history for feeding the egocentric mind. Egocentrism augmented to the state of psychopathic megalomania seeded by the materialistic ideologies has to be conquered by the inner power of genuine wisdom and Gnostic Cognition - the basic rule of the ancient Platonic, Stoic, Pythagorean, Peripatetic, Sophist, and Neo-Platonic philosophies.


The head of the Guardian of the Mother Earth - see the detail bellow - contains cosmological and hermetic symbols revealing the archetypes of Higher Protection that are deeply rooted in the subconscious mind and can change the canonized ideologies of the present cognition based on theoretical thinking and observation of the phenomena of the Physical World-Reality, whereas the Gnosis of the Astral and Etheric Spaces of Universe-Life is denied by the academia and regarded as being a quasiscientific paradigm of the ancient civilizations. Moreover, the head of the Eternal Guardian reveals the archetypal layers of the unconscious human mind, which in reality represents the Supra-conscious Mind or Mind of the Individual Soul. In the near future, the longtime subdued-by-the-Gods Mind of the Brain of the earthly Man shall break the hidden wall and attach to the Astral and Etheric Spaces of the Inner Soul. This prophecized and pre-destined victory of Mankind is inscribed with Hermetic Symbols on the head of the Eternal Guardian of our beloved Cosmic Mother Khaa-Ayyaa-Tara Earth. 

The Guardian of the Mother Earth - Detail 

                                         The Gates of Time 

Painted Terracotta - 19 inches x 15 inches x 16 inches / The sculpture 

was displayed to the Annual Claire Mott White Michigan Clay Artists Exhibit 2019, Greater Flint Arts Council, Flint, Michigan 

      The Gates of Time - Detail

               The Sacred Oracle aka The Oracle of Century 

Acrylic on Canvas with Pebeo Relief Outliner - 72 inches x 36 inches 

The painting was displayed at the Michigan Artists Exhibit July 2020 - 

Gallery of the Greater Flint Arts Council, Flint, Michigan. 

Also, the artwork was included in the Virtual Art Show entitled "Stay at Home" in September 2020 presented by the Romeo Guild of Art at the Starkweather Arts Center, Romeo, Michigan. 

The Sacred Oracle reveals in symbolic and metaphysical imagery our apocalyptical time of worldwide physical and mental-psychological suffering (pandemics, sudden death syndrome, fear of tomorrow, attention deficit disorder, violence, megalomania-personality disorder, incurable anxiety,  neurological diseases with physical impairment, pathological cruelty,  depression,  dehumanization,  Stay at Home behavioral imprint, etc.). This inescapable suffering of the modern human being does profoundly change the individual consciousness, in which the human life is taking a new path toward the cosmic existence, while the inherited criteria of the materialistic paradigm are going to become erroneous dogmas of the past. 

      The Healer of the Sun I aka The Healer of Mankind 

Acrylic on Canvas with Pebeo Relief Outliner - 72 inches x 36 inches 

The painting was displayed at the Michigan Artists Exhibit 2020 - 

Gallery of the Greater Flint Arts Council, Flint, Michigan. 

The artwork was included in the Virtual Art Show entitled "Stay at Home" in September 2020 presented by the Romeo Guild of Art at the Starkweather Arts Center, Romeo, Michigan. 

Contrarily to the materialistic philosophy and modern belief system, all the metaphysical and esoteric teachings of the Mystery Schools have shown the Aeonic Existence of the Beings of Light (higher Forms of Intelligent Life in the Universe) that are linked to our Souls. The Healer of Mankind is one of the countless Beings of Light (Guardian Angels of the Christian gnosis) who came-transcended on our Mother Earth from the Monadic Sun of the Universe in order to join our odyssey of life for the purpose of guiding our minds toward the Eternal Truth of Creation and Cosmic Evolution, for helping and healing our humanity stricken by pandemics, hurricanes, volcanoes, natural disasters-produced by the irrational destruction of the terrestrial ecological system, warfare, cruelty, egocentrism, alienation, suicide, mental and genetic degeneration, hate, envy, ethnocentrism, thirst for material richness and political power, spiritual devolution, renunciation to the sacred connection with the mother nature and its cosmic life-force, etc. 

                               The Bearer of Sacred Light I 

Acrylic on Canvas with Pebeo Relief Outliner - 60 inches x 36 inches 

The painting was displayed at the Michigan Artists Exhibit July 2020 - Gallery of the Greater Flint Arts Council, Flint, Michigan. 

        The Bearer of Sacred Light I - Detail 

                                       The Sacred Bridge II

Acrylic on Canvas with Pebeo Relief Outliner - 60 inches x 36 inches 

The painting was displayed at the Michigan Artists Exhibit July 2020 -Gallery of the Greater Flint Arts Council, Flint, Michigan. 

                                     The Eternal Lord of Time II 

Mixed Media, Painted on Wood with Gold Leaf, Pebeo Relief Outliner, and Asian Gems - 30 inches x 40 inches. The painting is displayed at the Michigan Artists Exhibit January - February 2021 - Gallery of the Greater Flint Arts Council, Flint, Michigan. 

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