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Artist's  Statement 

The Heart of Heavens IV

The Heart of Heavens IV 

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                              THE LANGUAGE OF THE CHRISTOGRAMS

The above painting contains a multitude of Christograms, the Metaphysical Letters begetting the Alphabet of the Soul of Man. The High Priest Thoth of Atlantes, the Immortal Priestesses of the Sun of the First Atlantes, Adham and Evah of the Fifth Race of Man, the Gods and Demigods of Sumer, the Hierophants of the Ancient Khem and Egypt, the High Priestesses and Priests of the Inner Sun of Creation of Mayas, Incas, Thracians, Dacians, Celts, Assyrians, and Scythians,...they all spoke the telepathic mental language of the Christograms, the language revealing the Word-Logos of Universal Consciousness of Infinite Creation. Further down through the Ages of Life, the telepathic Christogramic Language vanished from the Consciousness and Mind of the Being of Man. That highly evolved Spiritual Language was replaced with the esoteric-hieratic language of the Enlightened Sages and Priests of the past civilizations. 
After the Fall of Babylon - the mythical and gnostic Fall of Man - the hieratic language further devolved to the spoken and written alphabetic language, a lower cognition-given language that has to be spelled, written, and learned in many years of childhood in order to reach the comprehension of its various wording and lexical-symbolic meanings. The non-verbal telepathic language of the Christograms was never learned; it was an innate and highly evolved mental language, the One-Language spoken in the whole world of Man before the tragic Fall of the earthly Mankind that was conquered and devolved to a lower cosmic status by the pre-ancient Gods of the Sky.

In our time of prophesized cosmic and planetary conversion, time of the imminent end of the Fifth Race of Man facing the crossroads of the Ages toward the coming of the Sixth Race of Man, by the magic Power of Destiny, the telepathic Christogramic Language shall return under the Alchemical-Esoteric manifestation of Metaphysical Christogramic Art, manifestation triggering the higher Astral and Etheric vibration of the Life-Force and Individual Consciousness. The Christograms with their symbolic imagery are the building blocks of higher vibration for the Temple of the evolved Soul and higher Consciousness of Man.
The Christograms are not simple mental-constructed forms resulting from the conscious thought manifesting within the Physical Space-Reality; they are the outcome of the intricate dynamics of the Mind of the Soul revealing the non-Physical Space in which the Higher Self of the Being of Man lives and functions WITHIN US. The imagery of non-Physical Space-Reality is also manifested in our vivid dreams, waking state of mind dreams or spontaneous and unconventional perceptions, out-of-body experiences, telepathic and astral perceptions. There is not an innate or genetically-programmed border in between the Inner Self (with its non-Physical Space of Existence) and the Outer Self (with its Physical Space of Existence) for the Being of Man.
The illusionary border was created by the pre-ancient Gods of Heavens (today they are called Aliens) when they genetically deactivated the inner function of the pineal gland (the inner neuro-physiological function of the pineal gland of the human brain manifests by the innate perception-sight of the Sacred-Astral Eye). Throughout the times, the Sages and Avatars had kept the innate ability to see (perceive) in Space-Time-Consciousness with the Astral Eye. By scientific experiments performed in quantum physics, biophysics, and neuro-physiology, to perceive with the Astral Eye of the pineal gland of the brain means to fully see in any remote location (cosmic or terrestrial) of the infinite space, time, and Universal Consciousness.
The perception of the Astral-Etheric Eye in the infinite Space-Time-Consciousness means seeing quadro-dimensional WITHIN the structure of matter (atomic, molecular, and sub-atomic space of particle-antiparticle), means seeing in the past, present, and future of time, and also means to cognize anything by the parameters of Cosmic and Universal Consciousness (not by the limited thought-driven consciousness of the Individual Mind). The one's cognition within the endless network of the Cosmic and Universal Consciousness was named by the metaphysicians of the past ages omniscient cognition or Sacred Insight of the Manus.

Many peoples are not aware of the fact that the Scientific Remote Viewing experimentation from the XX-th century did activate the Astral Sight of the human being. Erroneously in our ill-fated history, the magic Astral Eye was given the stigma of "Devil's Eye," "Satan's Eye," "Wizard's Eye," etc. Unfortunately, it happened in that way, though the blindness of the Astral Eye to be kept for long millennia, and the innocent earthling to live and die with the egocentric pride of being fortunate to have "visual perception," "conscious cognition", and "rational-thinking mind." The blameless earthling thought of himself/herself of being "divine" and "co-creator" equal with the Begetter-Father of Universe, while in reality he/she has been the tragic mind-controlled victim in the cruel hands of the alien Gods of Heavens.

The Christograms encompass the esoteric gnosis of the Mystery Schools of the Ages, the plain-revealed science and power of the Individual Mind in its struggle to attain the higher Astral vibration in which the Cosmic Forces can be fully controlled by the conscious thought of the human being. The visual perception of the symbolic Christograms-triggered vibration creates the Synaptic Astral Energy (SAE) and Astral Influx (AI) that connect the Mind of the Brain with the Mind of the Soul. Our Physical Brain is the limited Space-Time extension of the multi-dimensional Non-Physical Brain of the Soul and Spirit of Man. Moreover, our Individual Mind is the limited Space-Time extension of the multi-dimensional Mind of the Soul and the Spirit of the Being of Man. By the opening of the Astral Eye (the Sacred Eye of Aeonic Creation) the limited Individual Space-Time Mind, Brain, and Consciousness will transcend and align with the multi-dimensional parameters of the Brain, Mind, and Cosmic-Universal Consciousness. Consequently, the Individual Inner and Outer Self of the Being of Man will fuse in One-Indivisible Existential Structure that cannot be anymore manipulated or devolved by any malicious technology of the alien Gods of Heavens.

The Physical Body of the earthly Being of Man is not the random outcome of the evolving physical life-form from the sentient mammalian species of the Cosmic Mother Earth. The Being that has been known under the Gnostic-Metaphysical and Mystical name of Man is a multi-dimensional and multi-existential Space-Time-Consciousness Being of Creation. The evolution of Man-Mankind as the pluralistic manifestation belonging to the Cosmic Cycles of Creation (acknowledged by all the ancient esoteric-metaphysical writings of the earthly humanity aka The Emerald Tablets of Thoth of Atlantis) reveals that the Inner Creative Substance (of the Soul-Spirit) dictates the process and dynamics of evolution for the Outer Creative Substance (of the Physical Body) of the Being of Man.

The evolutive process of the Being of Man has an infinite and timeless expression that goes beyond all the Darwinistic, Neo-Darwinistic, and Materialistic philosophies of our thought-driven conceptual cognition, mentalities, or belief systems. In other words, the physical evolution of a sentient species in the Universe is dictated from the Inner Self for the entire sphere of physical existence throughout the times. The higher source of evolution can be found in the Logos of Creation descending as Gnostic Vibration-giving Consciousness in the Spirit, Soul, Mind, and Genetic Matter of Physical Body. Devolution is related to alterations within the genetic and mental spheres of existence. Any form of alteration and devolution manifests as contrary existential phenomena that oppose the evolving dynamics of Creation. At the foundation of all forms of evolution and devolution, you will always find the Space-Time Vibration, ultimately manifesting as Vibratory Consciousness.
The Vibrations of Consciousness constitute the ultimate and primordial Substance-Matter of the Living Universe. In simple words of mental cognition, within our deepest core of life-nature, we are all Substance of Vibrating Consciousness toward the great Infinite and Eternity. Therefore, you might come to the truth-given comprehension that any form of Metaphysical Art is the manifestation and extension of our Individual and Collective Consciousness, whereas the Christograms are the archetypes of Vibratory Consciousness. Art can be conceptualized by the materialistic philosophies as a phenomenon manifesting in the sphere of culture and mental activity, but Art in its Core and Nature of Existence is the Extension of our Consciousness. Art speaks to our Soul, Mind, and Heart using the alphabet of images - from the Physical and Non-Physical Space-Time-World.
The art showing the Physical World-Reality gives us the Consciousness of solely Physical Life and Physical Beings, which means just a little fragment of who we are. The art that reveals the infinite Non-Physical Space-Time-Realms gives us the gnostic cognition and Consciousness of the higher Spiritual Life - the Life of or Soul, Spirit, Astral, and Etheric Existence, the true and complete Being of Man. That is why in the Nineteenth Century the world of the traditional Art-reveling the Physical Life trembled at the apparition of many modernistic artistic movements that have tried to lift up the mental cognition of the world to the higher stage of Spiritual Life of the Being of Man.
The present art with its input of Christogrammic imagery has come to continue the previous path of the so-called Modern Art. It has come as a destined and pre-destined mission to elevate the Individual Consciousness to the higher status of Cosmic Consciousness of the Being of Man. It is an art of scientific evolution of the Mind-Consciousness, since its manifestation descends-transcends from the Spheres of Life of the Soul, Spirit, and Cosmic Consciousness. The ones who will follow this artistic and metaphysical cognition path will never have remorse, but a chance to return to the higher status of Cosmic Consciousness of our Noble Ancestors of the Earthstar. The Races of Man of the Earth are the descent of the Immortal Beings of Man of the First Atlantes. The path of the righteous man and woman is the Path to the Third Atlantes.

The Christograms belonging to the present metaphysical art do embody the basic powerful frequencies of the Astral Vibration that were observed and scientifically proven by the Remote Viewing experimentation.







                            THE  TECHNIQUE  OF  INNER  VISUALIZATION 


The ones who have struggled during this life to open their Astral-Etheric Eye and attain a higher consciousness are asked to deeply  concentrate the mind and look for a longer time to the above digital image of the painting entitled "The Heart of Heavens IV" (on top of this page). Alike many other artworks, the painting does contain the basic Astral Vibration-given Elementals-Christograms that will commence the process of opening of the Sacred (Astral) Eye of the Pineal Gland.

After you look for 5-10 minutes to the above artistic image,  close the eyes, focus in the central space-location of your brain, and slowly try to remember and visualize everything you already saw within the painting.
Relax, then concentrate the mind to remember and fully have the Inner Visualization of any detailed element you saw before in the painting using the visual perceptive capacity (the Outer Visualization).
Be patient and repeat the above steps of the Outer and Inner Visualization. During one hour, you might repeat the process for 4-5 times. Try not to rush and do not be anxious about not having a complete Inner Visualization. This mental ability comes in the time of practicing and strong determination.

Then, you take a break of 30 minutes and use the visual (Outer Visualization) perception to observe the detailed elements of the imagery that you did not have in the Inner Visualization. Do that every day for 3-4 hours.
If you have self-confidence, patience, determination, and unwavering volition, after 3-5 months of daily practice of Inner Visualization the Astral Eye of your Pineal Gland will begin to open. You will reach a mental state of tranquility, separation from the bondage of Physical Space-Time-Reality, elimination of any state of anxiety, profound insight into your Biological and Astral Body,  cognition of the Mysteries of Creation and Universe, and deep wisdom to comprehend human life and its purpose. These gained qualities of existence shall give you the willpower to escape the ABYSS OF EVIL of the present world-society - the abyss of spiritual darkness and blindness, hate, unceasing envy and cruelty, falseness, inconceivable thirst for the material richness and fame, consciousness-degrading psychosis and dependence to drugs.
We cannot deny or hide anymore that we live in a world of mind-sickening egocentrism, psychotic megalomania, looming threat of alienation, endless social and psychological conflicts, the self-destructive impulse of revenge, violence, murder, retaliation, and dishonesty, war, torture, and dopamine-satisfying aggressiveness, unconscious fear of harm and danger, contempt for any fellow man, inescapable tragedy and suffering from birth to death for every human individual. Son and Daughter of Man, the descent of the Immortals of the First Atlantis, you are living today in a world that has nurtured the spirit of servitude and loyalty to evil, a world that has become addicted to the act of evil, addicted to the delusion that the evil behavior and deeds mean righteousness and normal social existence.
In the midst of the entire world-embracing the Abyss of Evil there are so many peoples that can hear the voice of their guilty conscience, the inner voice crying for the punishment of the guilty ones. Due to the cry of that inner voice, so many individuals are practicing suicide today, because of the fact that all of us have consciousness, and by the Laws of Creation, the voice of the guilty consciousness always transcends in powerful frequencies of vibration that will alter and destroy the Mind of the Brain. The whole Universe of Existence is an infinite Karmic Mirror of Vibration: any evil deed that you consciously do will touch the Karmic Mirror in the form of transcendental vibration that shall be turned back to your Mind-Flesh, and put an end to your physical life.

At this time of great havoc, by the Hands of Destiny, you are given the power of the Christograms, the power to break the chains that bind you to the Abyss of Evil of this world. As far as the words can reveal, the Christograms embody the Metaphysical Art and Science that shall give the freedom and elevation of your consciousness. Will you take the power of the Christograms in your suffering heart? How many of you shall do that?

In the other pages of the website, you will find the scientific frame and proofs of the dynamics of this Metaphysical Art, the functioning of the transcendental waves of vibrations of the Christograms, and the remote viewing proofs for the opening of the Astral Eye. You will become aware that the Christogramic vibration activates the dormant Inner Visualization and Gnostic Cognition, activation that commences from the level of visual perception of the Christograms in their artistic representation that embodies a great quantum of metaphysical science.
According to this science, the esoteric-metaphysic Tree of Life has a dual existence: there is the Tree of Life of the Living Universe, and also, the Tree of Life of the Being of Man.
The grounding soil of the Tree of Life of the Being of Man is represented by the omnipresent Soul of Universe, the Roots of the Tree reveal the multi-dimensional Spirit of Man, the trunk of this Mystical Tree is the embodiment of the Soul of Man, the branches of the Tree are the Astral Branches of the Individual Soul whereas the multitude of leaves and fruits do represent the countless Incarnations of the Soul of Man. The layers of Space-Air surrounding the Tree are the gnostic configuration of the Individual, Cosmic, and Universal Consciousness, consciousnesses that unceasingly vibrate within their networks of the Christograms.

Artist's Statement



Throughout the years of deep meditation, prayers, yogic transcendence to unite with the elemental forces of nature, and search for the Inner Spiritual Life and Knowledge, I have been guided to develop an artistic manifestation that links the mundane physical reality-world to the Higher Spheres of Existence and Consciousness. In these Higher Spheres of Spacelessness and Timelessness live the Beings of Light guiding us in our Cosmic Path of Evolution. Moreover, in the Higher Astral and Etheric Spheres of Life, there is the root of our Souls, root and Inner Cosmic-Alchemical origin that is depicted by the use of Christograms - cryptogrammic symbols and metaphysical forms embedded in my sculptures and oil paintings. The smallest artistic image seen by the viewer has an Alchemical-Cryptogrammic form-substance that is named Christogram.

The multitude of Cryptogrammic-Christogrammic images seen in my artistic outcome embodies the Language of the Soul and the Consciousness of our earthly Races of Man throughout the Ages of Existence. Moreover, the Christograms beget the Metaphysical Letters through which our Souls communicate with the Individual Mind and Consciousness, letters revealing the Alphabet of the Inner Self for the multidimensional Being of Man and the Universe.


The Christogrammic alphabet of our Inner Selves is more profound than the alphabetical language spoken by the earthly races at the present time in history, being an alphabet encompassing Space-Time-Consciousness-Cognition beyond the barriers of our rational thought and conscious mind. Therefore, using the  Christogrammic alphabet in the form of artistic imagery anyone would gain the power to constantly activate the Central Nervous System and augment the sphere of Individual Consciousness, Cognition, and all-encompassing Alchemical Comprehension of the nature of life. Viewing and learning semantics and artistic symbolics of the Christogrammic Language-Alphabet does resonate with our inner volition of evolution and continuous spiritual development. It is known that throughout the ages of history, the esoteric symbology and Alchemical Gnosis with their mystical-metaphysical experience have been the mandatory curriculum of the Mystery Schools and organizations for the mental-psychological development of their Initiates. Many of the enlightened monks and Rosicrucians of the Middle Ages were famous artists since art is one of the greatest Mystery of Creation transcending our front-brain belief system, destiny, and purpose of life, the Mystery uniting all the molecules of the Mother Earth's Soul with your Inner Soul, the Mystery forcing the Individual Mind to reach the Reality residing beyond the lower perception of the physical world-life. Alike the power of your consciousness replicating the Mystical Mysteries of the Inner-Space immensity of the Soul, the Christogrammic artistic manifestation serves as a bridge of Deep Perception transcending from the Physical to the Astral-Etheric Nature of Existence, the dualistic sides of One-Nature-Existence self-perpetuating from the Core-Essence of your undying Spirit.  


Each painting and sculpture speaks to the viewer about the Journey of the Soul eager to encompass the Metaphysical-Alchemical Existence of our Beings and to translate it in mental meanings of conscious cognition. As we are prone to acknowledge our Physical Reality-World, so the Christogramic Images empower our Mind and Consciousness to recognize the Mysteries of Inner Creation: Cosmic Forces, Beings of Light, Multidimensional Existence, Infinity, Timelessness, Spirit-Soul of Man, Reincarnation, Cosmic Evolution, and Aeonic Creation. Our ancestry and Cosmic Seed are not purely physical but mostly metaphysical in their deepest nature.

The Christograms of color and Esoteric-Gnostic symbology show that our daily Karmic Life – of the Soul and Flesh – conveys from visible to Invisible Path of Mysteries on which we step from birth to death, Path that is headed toward our future Immortal Identity.

The unceasing tragedy and Suffering of the Past and Present Humanity are the Karmic Price to be paid for the long-waited Cosmic Evolution of the Future Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Perfect Man of the Earthstar. This Destiny of Mankind underlies in the symbolic Alchemy speaking with the tongue of artistic manifestation. The Seeker of Truth of Creation, the earthly viewer who has the unquenchable desire to perceive beyond the Prison of Physical Reality and Phenomena, beyond the inherited world-society of Spiritual Darkness and Survival of the Flesh will have the aim to approach this artistic manifestation. Thus, the Seeker of Eternal Truth will begin to learn and speaks the olden Metaphysical Christogramic Language, the timeless Language of the Inner Soul of Man, the Mystical Language transcending beyond the earthly cradle of the Mortal Man and the fated chains of limited Physical Space and Perception.

My artistic manifestation reveals the metaphysical Mysteries and Gnostic Sacred Visions descending from the Astral and Etheric realms of our Spirit-Soul into the Biology of Physical Existence and conscious rationality of the Thought-Mind. This Alchemical and Sacred Transcendental Motion embodies in itself the archetypes of Cosmic Forces, Five Divine Elements of Creation, and the principles of the Inner Life

of our growing and evolving Souls.

The Esoteric Christogrammic forms and hieratic letters contained in the paintings and sculptures give to the serious viewer the key to the Mystical-Metaphysical and Cosmological Mysteries molding the mainframe of our Inner Selves.

One leading PURPOSE of the present art is to trigger the mental comprehension of the Primeval Elements of Life and deathless Powers of Nature residing in each moment of Time in our restless Souls. Under the disguise of the Physical Body and Manifestation, our Inner-Sacred Visions will disclose the perennial existence of the Soul of Man, an existence that mingles the Laws of Creation with the eternity of Cosmic Consciousness and omnipresent Logos. This existence of the Soul is artistically translated in flowing forms (painted or sculpted) and cryptic-gnostic symbols, a Ritual of Gnosis, a destined Ritual-Semiotics translating the Alchemical Motion of Spiritual Life in the earthly alphabet of thoughts and mental conceptions.


My artworks are created to redefine the global whole perceptive ability of the human mind of the brain postulated by the German Gestalt psychology, and further to connect this innate ability with the Insight Perception of the Mind of the Soul. That kind of connection occurs when we have spontaneous visions (open-eye dream-like visions), vivid dreams visions, meditation, or samadhi).

By the motion of colored Christograms and Alchemical Symbolics, I transliterate into the conscious mind the Language of our Soul-Spirit, language defining the higher dimensions of Perception and Gnostic Mysteries. The perceptive global whole (perceptive Holism) does exist in our both inherent minds – Mind of Soul-Spirit and mind of the brain. Therefore, the two-minded Holism does empower our Being to reach the perceptive cognition of the Metaphysical Space-Reality-Life, to attain the Sacred Gnosis with its perennial Mysteries of Creation.


The Christogrammic artistic expression is contrasting to the perceptive structuralism of the physical world, in which the whole image-reality is the outcome of physical elements counted to equal the sum of them. The insight Space-Reality of the Soul enforces our two-minded perception to attain the essence of who we are (seen in the “Heart of Heavens IV,” as in all my artworks), whereas time conjugates with the duration of eternity manifested through the esoteric symbology (see in the Gallery the cycle of artworks entitled "The Fountain of Life"). The psychophysical isomorphism of Gestalt psychology is transcended beyond the limited perceptive Space-Time physicality in order to approach the conscious thought of the viewer to the cognition-Mystery of the Inner Sun of Creation (see in the Gallery the painting entitled “Mystical Sun”).


Within my Consciousness resides the Artistic Impulse to create a conscious bridge between the Inner and Outer-Self of our Beings. In order to accomplish this noble task, the artist has to become a perfect being of the earthly realm of life, which means a philosopher, writer, poet, metaphysician, and seer in the Space-Time of Universe, the knower of Eternal Gnostic Sciences and Mysteries of Creation.

An artist cannot be bound by the traditional chains of Physicality of Life or earthly dogmas of culture and social life. My transcendental artworks speak with the Tongue of Alchemical Gnosis that art in its very essence of manifesting phenomenon has a Dual Nature. The dual nature of the Art-Consciousness pattern has external and internal substance-structure.

By the mean of external structure, we live day and night in the Consciousness of the Physical Life and Outer World. Furthermore, by the mean of the internal nature of Art, we live in the Consciousness of our deathless Soul. The unifying Duality of Art-Consciousness will transliterate the Mystery of Life, an Image that will fuse and substantiate the comprehension for the Life of the Soul, Life as an Alchemical Manifestation transcending the boundaries of earthly and physical Mortality. Moreover, the fusion between the internal and external substance of Art-Consciousness is mostly a tiny fragment from the Eternal and Infinite Absolute residing in our Inner Self.


What we have always acknowledged as being the manifestation of the Absolute is the magical fusion in between our Inner-Spiritual-Selves and Outer-Physical Selves, in between Soul and Flesh. This fusion reveals the Mystery of Creation, the Ritual-Mystery, and the Alchemical Fire of the Soul of Man. From the beginning of Life on the Earthstar, consciously and unconsciously, we have always sought to reach the Great Absolute, the Alchemical Substance underlying the Essence of Life for our Soul, Spirit, and Consciousness. My artistic manifestation is a way to do so, to engage our mind in reaching the ageless Absolute, the Inner Substance of the Soul of Man. An artist lives not at the surface of life, which is just a poor extension-imitation of true life. Among all the earthly mortals, an artist lives within the Essence-Core of Life, which resides in the deep Spacelessness and Timelessness of his/her Inner Being. In one ending sentence, that is the spring of the Metaphysical Chrystogrammic Art and its vibrational force of manifestation leading toward the elevation and expansion of human consciousness.



(One of the poems written by Anne Furnaris for July 2017

Michigan Artists Exhibit at the Greater Flint Arts Council, Flint, Michigan)

Beyond the Consciousness of the modern Man and Creature

nurturing contempt for Dignity, Honor, Truth, and Justice,

there is the Consciousness of the Just Man, lover of Truth
living in the Matrix-Worlds of Mother-Stars, ageless Matrix
there is the Consciousness of the Just Man, lover of Truth

synchronizing the past and future lived in One Image of Existence.

One Image of Existence embodies the Pattern of Harmony,
the Image of Eternal Momentum creating Mystical Awareness
and Consciousness of Inner Self-Being going far-beyond
the physical Space-Reality – mirror for the Ego and Delusion.

In contemplation and fasting, on the Cross of daily Survival,
in a world of tragic Deception, Cruelty, Suffering, and Evil,
my artistic manifestation is born and reborn in the restless Soul
born under the Guidance and Eye of Cosmic Mother Earth,
destined to be born as Resurrection of the Eternal Flame-Spirit
that was faithfully handed down by the Messengers of Inner Sun.

In a world of Spiritual Darkness and dominating Egocentrism,
the artists have the duty to bring the Metaphysical Mysteries
dwelling in the Soul of the earthly Races, Mysteries inscribed
in the Sacred Visions transmigrating from Immortal to Mortal,
Mysteries-giving the Spiritual Destiny to the Seeker of Truth.

© Copyright * 2018 by Anne Furnaris
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